Computer Heads, I Need Help

Jun 21, 2004
So suddenly my macbook won't get on the internet. I've had it for over a year and have never had a problem with it and suddenly it won't connect to my wifi at home. My pc is hooked up via ethernet to the router and works perfectly fine, my dads laptop connects perfectly fine through wifi, hell even my iphone can get on with wifi. Macbook is the only one that doesn't. It says it's connected to my network under network preferences but when i try to load a page it doesn't load anything. Either it takes literally several minutes to load something if it even does or just says server not found. I tried resetting the routher ro factory specs and start a brand new network and still the same, wasted my time with that one. This is frustrating as hell and don't know a solution, if anyone knows the problem and can help me out i'd appreciate it.
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