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Mar 13, 2007
Come thru and show some love to some REAL San Jose heads. We just got a bunch of new stuff in from Growing Pains, Manik, Rogue Status, Akomplice and more. Butfirst of all we need to make more room for the new stuff so come thru and take advantage of our sale.

Also check out the blogspot for updates on all events hosted by us and new gear coming in.

P.S. Sign up on our main website for the monthly giveaway. It aint no joke!

Webshop opening up soon!


533 S. Market St
San Jose, Ca 95113
Summer is starting to heat up and we just recieved new shipments that will make you spontaneously combust from all this damn heat!

The new in4mation summer line along with Manik and Rogue Status just dropped today. Heres a sample of what we got in. For the Rest of the Stuff check out the blogspot @ .

Thanks to those of you that rolled thru and showed us love during the memorial day weekend sale.
We have extended the sale to all throughout this week 30-40% off. So dont sleep and come save some duckets with us.


533 S. Market St (Across from METRO building)
San Jose, Ca 95113
I might stop by after work much are the rogue status and in4mation shirts?
Want Artful Dodger, LRG, Triumvir, Stussy and Maharishi gear??? Go to Get 20% off, just use Rep code DH9294

FS: NDS Nike Dunk Unlucky sz. 7.5
& New Lemar and Dauley Manhattan/Jason Hoody sz Med
Do y'all got the Rogue Status Script tee in a 3xl? Also are they included in the 30-40% sale?
here is the flyer update we are happy to have all the great sponsors
self edge
retro sole(sacramento)
Connoisseur 533(san jose)
urban era
gold coin clothing
1 hit wonder
upper playground
we still have some vendor spots open please get at us with any questions about the show or vendors spots. we fill up very fast especially towards the end to again please hit us up for a space if you need to move kicks. here is the email

Sorry biggest size we got is 2x and those arent on the sale either.

And yes big ups to the fellas over at DunkXchange. We will be in the building that day no doubt about it. Lacing you with gear and possibly some kicks as well.
What up?!? Thanks to those of you that came out and hit up our sale we had last week.

As we continue to recieve new stuff we just put out the new Akomplice tees along with a crewneck which is not pictured at the moment but will be soon.

- Bodyguard Denzel

533 S. Market St (Across from the METRO building)
San Jose, Ca 95113

P.s. Don't forget we will also be at the DunkxChange this saturday June 9th so come out an support.
I'll try to slide threw today, got to get my cousin something for his
Thanks once again to all of you that came out for our sale this weekend. It was mad crazy in there on thursday friday and saturday.

We have on XL Black Gun show left and a full size run on the script one. As far as hoodies theres 2 mediums left and i think an xl.
you guys have that aqua/chrome/black shalom bright eyes shirt i saw at dxc in a large still?
need huf fitteds 7 1/2 - 7 2/3
Please do check out the folks at Connoisseur 533, excellent store, and a cool group of guys running it. Purist is happy to have them as a neighbor in the SJ streetwear scene.

- Kev & Purist fam
Yup that Shalom is still available.....Stop by whenever...... And shout outs to Purist and fam as well. Definetely some cool dudes in there. Stop by if you havent yet. Don't Sleep on The Zae!

We just recieved the new Crooks and Rogue Status....Pics will be up later on in the blogspot
What up ya'll?!!! We just put out more Manik gear and I dont really have to tell you cause you already know Manik keeps dropping gem after gem.
Hurry up and come thru because the Manik stuff has been flying outta here like crazy along with the New Eras they just dropped!

We also recieved new tees from Garbege and Once Upon A Time. The Garbege joints feature a really dope contrast stitching and as for Once Upon A Time you already know whats up!

Also we still have our sale going on all hoodies, jackets and crewnecks!

Heres a peek at what we got. Check the blogspot @ for the rest of the gear.

Manik x Dust La Rock
(All Dust La Rock collabo tees feature 3m accents)



Once Upon A Time

And don't forget about our party on the 29th @ VooDoo Lounge. Early arrival is suggested cause we will be at capacity. Guestlist is filling up quickly. For the $5 list email us @
Crooks and Castles New Eras and Summer Line now in @ Connoisseur 533!

Damn right! Summer is in full effect and we got you covered on your shorts game as well as fresh fitteds.

Heres a preview. Check the blogspot to peep the rest.

New Eras

P.s. Don't forget to pick up Traxxpad portable studio for the Psp. Featuring Connoisseur533, Crooks, Orisue, Cmonwealth and a bunch more!

It's Not A Game!!!!!!
^^^Looks like i'll be making the drive down 101 to SJ in the next week or two...

First of all thanks to all of you that came out to our sale last month. It was ridiculous how cheap we were letting stuff go but we finally made room for all the new stuff with way more to come.

New Crooks And Castles along with Coupe De Grace just dropped in the shop.

Check the rest of what we have on the blogspot

Crooks And Castles

Coupe De Grace

533 S. Market St. (Across from the Metro building)
San Jose, Ca 95113
New Eriffs and Crooks And Castles now in!........

@ Connoisseur533!

Don't sleep cause as you all know the Eriffs tees don't last very long around here or anywhere. As well as the new Crooks And Castles stuff.

Check the blog for the rest of the stuff.



Crooks And Castles


533 S. Market St. (Across from the Metro building)
San Jose, Ca 95113

P.S. We also have Questlove from The Roots coming thru next week. RSVP for free entrance before 11.
New Homeroom (Ladies also), Eriffs, Orisue, and Crooks......

@ Connoisseur533

Here's a preview of what is in store. Check the blogspot for more pics.




Connoisseur 533
533 S. Market St
San Jose, Ca 95113
We just recieved a restock on one of the most popular shirts from Coup De Grace!

The service tee showing Paris Hilton getting down on a mic check.

Also got in a couple new Crooks And Castles jackets.

Coup De Grace

Crooks And Castles

Connoisseur 533
533 S. Market St
San Jose, Ca 95123
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