Cops Crash Pool Party...

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Dallas Ft Worth area
Supposedly some "unwanted juveniles" showed up and then this happened...

It's going to be a wild summer...stay safe out there...
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Piece of **** pigs. God I wish that guy would've gotten taken out.

I hope so many lawsuits get filed.
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I don't know what the hell was going on. I don't know why people see cops and try to go busnuess as usual. Get the **** away. Go home. I see stuff like that and I Uturn my *** out of there


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This ************ thought he was a US Navy Seal with that barrel roll :wow:

Him kneeling on that little girls back was over the line. She couldn't have been over 13 :smh:

Also notice my dude went straight for the gat when those other kids approached him. Not the tazer
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I watched this earlier and it is truly disgusting. It's America roughly 3 generations after the civil rights Era so I'm not surprised.
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This video almost got me in tears with frustration. Can yall imagine if that was YOUR daughter getting pinned to the ground by some cornball *** cop?!

AsI have as AL Sharpton and Jesse get on my nerves sometimes, I hope they both fly to McKinney, Texas TONIGHT and stand in the middle of the ******* street until the entire country is watching and aware of this video

I've never been one to protest or get behind a cause, but this particular video got me ready to go lay down in traffic to make a point
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OK point made now what did they actually looking for it was unclear from the video.

Or what did they claim to be looking for? And what part of the country is the is?
they got a call about too many juveniles in the area or some ****. cops came to diffuse the situation. but the came in WAY TOO HOT.

they didn't analyze anything, just ran in ready to go.
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