Apr 15, 2003
nevermind, i got all my answers :wow:

dude doesnt look like the type who would do stuff like that

they never do.

Sneakers are not just shoes. they're a kind of art. If it's good art people will stare. So what shoes should i wear next to break some necks?
i knew of a "critter" but he died in a motorcycle accident 2 years ago i believe. i thought dis was about him but i guess nottttttttt....

-got my jordans on caz dey r real sneakaz-
yeah the dude who was a scaa coach and who worked at Jefferson Community Center, everyone from beacon hill knows about him
....i went from bein a broke man, to bein a dope man, to bein a president, look there's hope man....​
smh robert... why you gotta put people's personal business out in the public?
m Friends With Benefits
what are you talking about? dude is all over the news. personal business all out in the public? how? when his personal business is already on every news network in the seattle area. plus, i didnt know till recently. plus its a shocker cause my dad sold him his house.
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