Apr 21, 2007

i need help in attaining one

as i do not live close to canada, so am not available to pick one up.

if someone could please hook me up, i will give double for it

looking for the GREY/BLACK one

let me know

u can try emailing Goodfoot to see if they have sizes left.
FS: DS size 10 AJ DMP package, DS size 10 AJ XIII low white/maize, VVVNDS AJ 11 Retro Columbia size 11, AJ XVIII towels all Brand new in blk, red, blue color.(send me ur best offer)
7 1/2 preferrably

but i think the next size down, is 3/8 and that might work too
If I recall correctly GDFT still has that colour. e-mail them for sizes
formerly shoeWUfreak
thanks for the help

i emailed them, waiting for response

in the meantime, anyone else with advice?
thanks for all the help guys

any one have one though 7 1/2, and is willing to trade for a 3/8 :b

and again, i appreciate the help
i called them and they said to contact 'ace'?

cause he supposedly handles all paypal related businesses

does anyone have his email address?

i used the info email address, but no response..yet

anyone know how to order other than with the phone, cause they might have been confused with which hat

thanks for the information

im assuming it is being held for me

i recently contacted them and called them,

but ace wasnt there at the time which is why the receptionist told me to try to contact ace through email tom complete the transaction, hence my inquiry for his email

but i will try to call toronto again

but if i am unable to reach him, does anyone know if he has an email, but if you cant give it out for some reason, thats ok too

again, i appreciate the help everybody, and im grateful for you telling me about the post it note man
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