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Talk to my cousin about not being apart of drugs and gangs. Train hard to make it to state for wrestling, all i can do now is not let my brother fall into thesteps I did.
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i wouldnt go back in to relive anything in my life because everything happens for a reason.

but id love to relive like woodstock or some concert from the 70s/80s though
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Originally Posted by Spidermachine916

i'de go back to look at the dinosaurs
But I'm a history major so its so many time periods I would go back to. Only to view, if I can be seen and all that, don't wantnothin to do w/ it, messin up the past affects the future. But if I would be invisible, ghost like, I would go back to:

Lincoln Assassination
Prohibition Era
Civil Rights Movement
King Assassination
Kennedy Assasination

just to name a few
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wow, u just made me think..

i would've told biggie to sit in the back seat smh

went to see the beatles in their prime
rolling stones
beach boys
michael jackson
biggie&pac madison square garden
wu-tang w. ODB

go back to kindergarten to meet my present girlfriend & have a convo over some co0kies & apple juice

swing danced

have lunch with capone - tommy guns under the table

shook hitler's hand

see what my chances were with marilyn monroe ..being that she was a breezy i'd prolly have a chance

be the first man to roll marijuana in a cigar **

see some extinct animals, & warn people of what's to come

man a stage coach

buy a brand new model-T

do a tour in the vietnam war

told steve erwin that it's always the quiet ones.

have a 24 hour conversation with charles darwin.

& if i could bring something with me to the past i'd bring einstein some control paste

*** btw i'm bringing back everything i wear thru all of this ftw
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I would have gone back to early June of last year. I regret it everyday. smh An ex that shouldn't have been an ex.
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