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1. Album Intro- Very Creative and innovative 4/5

2. The Message- Classic Nas Escobar at his finest. A lot of imagery and smooth word play

3. Street Dreams- Solid track but jacking 2pacs beat then talking trash about beat jackers is

4. I Gave You Power- Classic In every use of the word.

5. Watch Dem %@%@%#- Subpar track is all i can say 2/5

6. Take It In Blood- Nice pickup from the previous track one of the underrated highlights from the album 4.5/5

7. Nas Is Coming- Solid Beat by Dre with Esco riding the beat trying to be Michael Corleone 3/5

8 Affirmative Action- This track is what the firm album should have sounded like.

9. The Set Up- See review of track 7 but with Havoc instead of Dre. 4/5

10. Black Girl Lost- Classic standout track because everybody knows a girl like this 5/5

11. Suspect- Above par track with Nas parallel parking on the beat 3.5/5.

12. Shootouts-Solid Track 4/5

13. Live !*%$* Rap Classic, two of the greatest MCs ever going back and forth over a fire beat 4.5/5

14. If I Ruled The World(Imagine That)- Really Theres Nothing I can Say.

In conclusion this is a hit or miss album with fans and critics alike but this album has more hits than it does misses. Overall The album does not SUCK
It just suffered from the expectation of Illmatic 2 but why would he put out Illmatic 2 when you people didnt BUY it.
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