Denver Nuggets Team

Jun 19, 2006
What can you say about the AI - Melo combination?

Will it work? or will it shatter the current great games by the Nuggets and take time to become a competitive team?
dangerous duo bro..carmelo on the low block bigtime the missing link in nuggets offensive scheme and AI dominate the perimeter both clutch players in the end doubt CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE NUGGETS TEAM...
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hope it works... but I am doubting it. Both demand the ball a lot... either both guys get their scoring averages down and win, or the nuggets will be in big trouble...
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team with a scoring and selfish point guard will not win a championship.
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I think AI will be better with the Timberwolves. An unselfish superstar + a high-scoring one would be feasible.

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i think its still pretty much in the air right now but the potential is undeniable-maybe all allen was missing was a capable wingman to finally win that elusive chip,and we all know melo cant carry the team on his own.we all could be pleasantly surprised at the end of it all.
It will work for now just because Melo is serving a 15-game suspension but as soon as they play together it's another question. Who is willing to give up less touches on the ball in order for the duo to work?

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I think that the real question is at the other end of the court. AI isn't exactly an all-defensive team candidate, and the Nuggets have the worst opponent scoring average of the top 2 teams in each division in the west. If it works out that they can win by outscoring everybody else, then they made the perfect trade. But from what it looks like now, they aren't going to go far against the Spurs or Suns.
i think you guys are underestimating iverson's desire to win. after all, he used to be a point guard.

he's never really had good teammates around him - in allstar games and olympic teams, he always does really well, passing as well as leading.

think earl the pearl to the knicks in the 70s. (yes, before my time, but not before jojo's)
kicks drop inevitably like bird shh
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rapsa, melo doesn't really play the low post. he's more of a high post/perimeter jump shooter.

regarding denver, nah, don't think they'll get higher than the first round of the playoffs
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did I just see A.I. play the 2 in the game earlier?

good game for him... can't wait to see how he plays with melo...

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^ I didn't see the game but probably because they only have 8 players available last night.
10 assist last night..imagine if he had jr smith and melo with him during fastbreaks.the denver team just became quicker and more dangerous with A.I. cant wait til jan 20 when they play the rockets..
It is Camby that will be the barometer of this team.


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balongbalong,i know the way carmelo plays....i just assume that if carmelo develops a wide variety of low post moves to add to his offensive repertoire....then the nuggets will have a banner year...
played them in 2k7 using the Lakers... hirap taluhin... daming threats
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