Design a Elephant Print Design for $10

Oct 10, 2005
For all you designers and photoshop cats out there I need a real simple job from you guys a good quality elephant print design in black. just the print nothing else I just want the print in a good quality print. I need it with a white background and a black print. I will about have a page sized in a good quality format. I will paypal the winner with the best one $10. lol its not much but hey something for your time. email me or just aim me when you got it.

THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE PRINT TO BE CHOSEN. POST OR PM ME THE PRINT. I WILL CHOSE ONCE THERE IS 5 entries and of the 5 I would pick a winner and paypal them $10

email me at
or aim me: enycem0nkey
best i can do
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