did every mexican vote for this dude on idol or sumtin?

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Originally Posted by OrenthalJames

*why is dude watching idol?*

-The Juice
Idol is trash. 

The best artist to come out of Idol was Daughtry and he didn't even win!!!
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Its cause he was pretty popular on youtube already before ai...I never thought he was good before...he plays the wrong chords sometimes...but after that straight up performance...I jumped on the bandwagon...but he has nothing but horrible ever since...he was pitchy on his audition too...

Yea I just made myself look like a female...but I don't really watch it on the regular

If you know gabe bondoc, passion, and all those asian youtube stars then there's a slight chance u know who garcia...I wouldn't wanna put his name near theirs anymore though..

Only people worth listening to this year is the chick with the grey teeth and most of the big dude
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I stopped watching american idol a couple seasons back..

And a lot of people like andrew garcia.
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