dinosaur restaurant....best food ever (NYC NTERS)

May 26, 2007
why has no one ever told me about this place!!!! best food i ever ate...harlem yall got it on that one!!!
The only time I have business going to Harlem nowadays
bbq but even the sides are good...mac and cheese pulled pork the go in on the food tip
Dinosaur BBQ is def a best kept secret....

But I'll take Sylvia's any day (and thats not because they gave me a scholarship)
Dinosaur is crack. The restaurant is from syracuse but they got one in harlem too. The one in the cuse is better tho. These N's got bbq beans them %%%%% ison point. The beef ribs is the truth also
Originally Posted by mases apprentice

dallas bbq and famous dave > dino BBQ

yes i've been many times and still prefer dallas BBQ

oh yes, without a doubt Dallas BBQ > all

I don't think Famous Dave's is really all that, but Dallas BBQ is really serious. Them lines get so craaaaazy on the weekend
I have friends that have been to Dallas and they say Dino > dallas. But not the Harlem one, the Syracuse one. It was started there by some bikers, scarydudes. We went there, its mad good. I heard they're expanding to the UK too (London)
Its not a NYC thing, its from Syracuse. One of the few good things in that city. That is real BBQ and *+*$% all over Dallas BBQ. Them dudes in the"kitchen" put in work. On a good night you have to wait at least 30 minutes for a table.
Had to check the posted link to make sure you guys were indeed referring to Dinosaur BBQ.

With that said.. Crack. Famous Dave's is cool too, but Dino > *

My boy bartends at the one up here in Rochester.
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