Dissecting the AJ23

Apr 11, 2009
This review reserves copyrights of the photos and the contents of the original text to "Heach" a member of a Korean website www.footsell.com.
(Translated by FXSANDMAN of NT)


This is a pair of AJ 23 Black/Red sponsored by "Jumpshoot" (a memberof Korean website www.footsell.com)

It looks like it has no life left.
Let's start exploring the inside of this pair.

This is a picture of the full-length zoom air used in AJ23

Why do I feel that the thickness of max air and zoom air is keep gettingthinner?

When the full-length zoom air unit is removed apparently there is nodifference between other
basketball kicks with full-length zoom air unit.

Think about the specification of the AJ23 that we know.

First thing that comes up to mind is the fascinating cushioning from the IPSand the full-length

zoom air

Then let's see if it really is.

Where did our IPS go? Are you chilling out?

Oh, there must be one in the forefoot.

IPS! Where are you? Did you never really exist?

I definitely saw you in the Sole Collector Jordan Special Issue ):

But I checked it again and it says under the picture

"This is a prototype"

Is that why you are not there?

That's right.

The IPS + Full-length zoom air midsole that we've been heard and imagineddidn't exist.

I tried to look for an independent cushioning unit to rationalize (what JBdid), but there was nothing.

IPS stands for Independent Podular Suspension.

"Podular" can be regarded as a compressed sponge.

The IPS that I thought was inserted independently wasn't there in anindependently "inserted" shape.

Nevertheless it didn't even exist as a separated shape.

Simply, I can define that there was no IPS.

But there is something more shocking.

Cool your jets.

This is the upper of the AJ23.

Since I've already cut it, how about looking at the section?

I see the heel cup.

BTW what is that white thing?

Let's zoom in.

Oh, it was a paper. Paper? Paper!

Right, it's paper…

It's not TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), not even regular plastic, butpaper.

Heelcup of the AJ23 is made of "paper."

It's too cruel to call it paper so I correct it to "CompressedPaper."

JB stressed protecting the environment when they released AJ23.

I want to say they used paper to go green but there is a place where youshould use paper and

where should not.

If JB used paper considering the environment, I think taking away the TPU theyused all around the

shoes is first.

Say it "Environment Protection" and understand it as "CostReduction."

It was somewhat better when we didn't know.

This is an INCONVENIENT TRUTH (added by translator).

I finish this article rating the AJ22 as the best kicks to hoop in and theAJ23 as the kicks that only

look good.

That's all.

Thank you for reading.

Again I honestly thank for "Jumpshoot" for providing the kicks.


Well, I guess from now on we should never believe what JB puts in theircrap.

I love posts like these!!!...there should be a sticky with all the Jordan dissections that have been done by Niketalk members...
I remember when putting out a good product made money for companies. Nowadays it's all about cost reduction and price hiking.
Come on JB...
im gonna tell you nicely before some %$%*#$$ does.

this should prolly go in the review forums.

but nice post nonetheless, thank you, very informative.
lol Jb just got owned. ACtually not.. we just got owned. Can i return my pair back to nike now since they lied?!
TPU is used in the midsole...not the upper.

IPS isnt what makes the comfort of the XX3. Its the Zoom air.

I appreciate the dissection very much, but this seems like nitpicking.

Paper is used because of the intense stitching...just like its used on the back of sewn jerseys.
Pretty interesting, sad about the quality on the XX3's...at least they're aesthetically pleasing.
ima excuse the paper.


"IPS isnt what makes the comfort of the XX3. Its the Zoom air. "

but its suppose to have IPS in them. everything ive ever seen/read about this shoe mentions IPS, either IPS by themselves or IPS with Zoom.
but his did not have IPS. no matter what its used for it was not there.

i have this shoe and now im dying to dissecet them. actually id would like to dissect all my shoes eventually, but i dont have the correct equipment. all ihave are paper knives. and every now and then a pair of scissors.
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