DMV i need your insight

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What up? for those that don'tknow me JAHSONDC from up-top DC. I post somewhat on the regular.

I only go on the "other site" to sell kix.

I'll just get right to it..... excuse the typos , I was on my BBerry @ work with 3 clients while all this happened.

I sold a pair or eggplant foams on the "other site"


the listing title clearly say "eggplants"
description clearly says "eggplants"

so this bama bought 'em , got 'em yesterday and hits me off with.
Hey man,
I got the sneaker today and they are the Eggplants... I thought I was getting the Royal Blue ones as pictured... What gives?!?

_________________ - #1 Spot for Sneaker New / History

and i reply:

Were. Did u get royal anything from?

My listing specifically says eggplants......
The shoes that are pictured are eggplants not royals...
The royals are lighter blue in color. Not to mention if they were royals they would go for way more than 150 ..
Dude are you looking at the same pictures I am looking at:

They are ROYAL blue... and Im NOT color blind. Trust me I would know the difference, I am the owner of
I would simply want a refund and I WILL pay for shipping back to you if you want...
This really seems to be a miscommunication... I will leave you a positive feeback if we can solve this issue.

I am the one who took the picture man...

I donbt have any royal foams whatsoever...

Compare that picture

To a royal foam pictur to a royal foam pic..

Royals are in no way shinet(with sheen) like the eggplant...
It cleay says eggplant yo....

Make a thread asking what these are and post that pic..and see what results u get...
Just compared it. And they look blue... Why dont YOU make the thread and see what you get... So you are not going to refund my money?

All sales final

I will make thread..don't worry...

U clearly agreed to it...

U might be color the lighting and flash..take a pic yourself...

Not to mention all the pms we've sent were subjet "eggplants"

I have 100 percent feedback y would I try to swindle someone this way...
Lets see what the people say when they look at the pics... I am NOT color blind... The pictures look Royal Blue hence its falsely advertised. And if you want to go off the TEXT only than the images confure the buyer which is still illegal. If you WEREn't trying to screw someone you would give me my money back and just LIST them over again. Since I am agreeing to pay for shipping... o one loses anything. You are messing with the wrong person... Send me the link to the thread.

I was actually thinkin of refunding now that u said ud pay for shippin but..
"I am messing w/ the wrong person??? Lmao is that a threat..

Please do what u have to I said those are eggplants and yess I give u that..that they might look a lil blu but its the lighting (flash)
No it is not a threat... I am just saying you are creating a situation over nothing. Obviously we are both at fault. Me for not reading and you for your pictures looking blue. And we can simply fix it by refunding and you listing them again. I am going to ship back priority which is like $8. I don't mind...

Not to metion... Look at the box as well....its clear as day...
I at work and can't keep doing what u have to do bro....
Like I said I need money to pay a bill...I don't have it anymore even if I wanted to refund...
So basically you are going to rip me off...
This post will be going up on later today if I don't hear back from you...!!$##*+#+#/

Like I said do what u have to do bro..

That's even worse....a dummy from kicks on doesn't kno the difference between royals and eggplants...

I'll be able to rebuttle so..whatever.....

I don't respond well to threats so....

The royal blues do not have a dark metalic sheen to them

What I think is u read...and thought I didn't kno what I had and u went of the pic..
And u thought u were ...u kno what enough talking post what u have to..I got the whole community behind me..

Plus all the pms
Plus this convo..

So...great job....if u do work for kicks on fire , they need to fire u for not being able to distinguish....
Don't worry. We got in house lawyers. Hope you can pay for your lawyer when it is brought to court.


Your just makin it worse....your ridiculous
Please contact me via Paypal or our lawyers in the future. I can no longer respond to your request under the advisement of our lawyer. Take care.

Believe u me I kno the court system and your case isn't remotely strong....

Show me a picture any pic of the royals that look like the shoes pictured
U can't!!!why? Cuz no royals have that sheen..

How old are u?


your insights will be much obliged

mods lock if necessary
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I have nothing to hide...I have 100% feedback on ebay, and the other site...
why would I want to pull a swindle like this?

pm me if you need links to everything...
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If you stated it in the thread then he clearly didn't read, but I can see how he could mistake your pic for Royals, although they have the eggplant swoosh instead of the white on the Royals. Dude is being a bamma about it.
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but..some cases if buyer was not completely sure what he should refund the money..
I sold a pair of Hong Kong AF1's on this site..2 days later when i was about to ship them..
buyer asked for a refund because he found another shoe he wanted more..his grail as he put it..
i promptly sent him a refund...
A month later he asked me to sell him the kicks again..ignored his PM
i did let a few ppl on this site know about it..

I would not think that first pic would be "eggplants" but...
if its in the title and description.........
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I dont think you are in the wrong at all, i believe you have every right not to refund the guys money especially since you stated all sales are final and also since you had the color in the title and in the headings of your pm's, he should of made sure he was buying what he thought he was ESPECIALLY if he has a job that requires a lot knowledge of sneakers. If he works for a site like that, he should of looked at the box and should have seen the purple swoosh. One time i went to fye because i wanted a connector that would play my ipod in the car, i didnt read it and i assumed it would play an ipod but was simply a charger, sure i was pissed but ultimately it was my fault i didnt read what the item really did and so i could only fault myself and took the L. Anyways, like i said, i think your fine. Exchanging/selling/buying are pretty much laid out as contracts on these prior to actually going through with the transaction, so you had your terms of the contract clearly stated and it was his fault for not reading the fine print and signing his name.
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"I am the owner of"

Yeah Cuz, but where are your nuts?   

Point blank, this is when Uptown comes out.

Threats?  When your description, pics clearly say one thing.

"in house laywers" over $150?  What a joke.  It'll cost close to a G to get that $150 back.


These on-line dudes jo.

I would dis ISS, but as many threats/hard talk I get on NT from "interested" people in my items in the buy/sell here.

It is what it is.

F'em.  Tell him to call you, or see you in the streets.

Other than that, sleep well tonight...
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Thanx for all replies.....we'll see what he's gonna do.

I just noticed BAMMA put my whole name out there and all..

I knew I wasn't in the wrong. But I just wanted to see what ya'll thought.

2guard - I totally overstand where your comming from, but in that case he contacted you before you shipped. In my case I already shipped and he received the shoes. Had to pay my car insurance w/ that $..its gone now.
also I'm sorry but when you come at me a certain way, best beleive I am goin to react in a certain way.

shabooya - yes I also agree that the kix look blue, and even if it was blue thats more of a NAVY BLUE..
Royals will never give you that reflection, shine, sheen whatever you want to call it. and as you
stated royals have white swoosh and eggplants have a purple one.

Kev- never even thought about it that way...your right he gonna go through all that over 1-nifty???
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Good Morning DC!
Got me calling cats big dummies in the AM!
Maybe it's just me,but those are CLEARLY "Eggs".What the hell would make this kid think that a pair of "Royals" (especially in THAT condition) would go for $150 anyway?That would fall under the "too good to be true" category and therefore skepticism would cause me not to pull the trigger on that.
Money pretty much exposed himself and should have that "owner" title stripped immediately!
@ gettin' at Lawyers over $150.What he gon' take you to Judge Mathis or somethin'?
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Originally Posted by jahsondc

2guard - I totally overstand where your comming from, but in that case he contacted you before you shipped. In my case I already shipped and he received the shoes. Had to pay my car insurance w/ that $..its gone now.
also I'm sorry but when you come at me a certain way, best beleive I am goin to react in a certain way.
yea...i understand about the threat...i would not take kindly to that either..and like Kev said..lawyers over $150...dont think so
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too funny for me this morning.

 @ Judge Judy.

REAL talk though, bammas do this all the time on-line intentionally.  Been there, done that.

It's your fault as the seller that your customer can't read and can't recognize colors and know what a shoe looks like and agreed to terms before the sale was official?

97 - 03 please come back.

As opposed to these bammas (i.e. Mr. Niketalk) up here screaming "Niketalk 2010" brown-nosing, dying to be elected Mods up here.....
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^Yeah I saw where he posted that up attempting to put you on blast and thought to myself "he just made a damn fool of himself".How anyone could mistake those for Royals is beyond me (even w/out the description).
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While the pictures kind of look like Royals you clearly stated they were Eggplants. You're not in the wrong at all. Couldn't you now sue him for defamation of character since he publicly slandered your government name?
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I was litterally on the floor......I'm still lol while i'm typin this....

Procceds to post in general forum...

This Bamma actually went thru w/ the post on KOF...

Can ya'll do me a favor and roast slim for me....

I tried to post the whole convo on KOF,but I think he has control, so its not showing up....
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The Nike Air Eggplant Foamposite features an eggplant colored foamposite design which sits atop a translucent outsole. They also sport a black fabric that extends from the top of the toe box, through the lace stays and up and around the ankle collar. You will also see that the heel sports a gold embroidered logo to match the rest of the shoe



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jahsondc - dude is colorblind and has 0 knowledge about foams. royals didnt even come in a brown box. they came in an orange box which is a dead give away unless he thinks u were dumb enuff to sell the hoh royals for one fitty.

if it comes to a dispute, im sure ull win for sure.
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It seems like this moron simply wanted his money back. Even if the "lighting" of the pictures were off, it is really a stretch to say that the color and accents resemble the royal blue foams. If this guy does file a dispute against you via paypal or attempt a charge back with his CC company, make sure your balance is 0.00 and that you keep all pictures and communication you have had with him!

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So the BAMMA filed a dispute, ya'll aready know I denied it.

Then he escalates it to a claim..

and i got this email from Paypal:

Your buyer has chosen to escalate this dispute to a PayPal claim. By endingcommunication with you and escalating to a claim, the buyer is askingPayPal to investigate the case and decide the outcome. As part of ourinvestigation, PayPal reviewed any communication you may have had with thebuyer in the Resolution Center We have received a complaint from a buyer who stated that merchandise yousent them did not match your original description. The buyer is disputingthe quality of goods associated with the transaction detailed below. As you may already be aware, PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy applies onlyto the shipment of goods and not to complaints about the attributes orquality of goods received through an off eBay transaction. Therefore, wewill not conduct an investigation into this matter at this time. We do, however, reserve the right to begin an investigation within 180 daysif we determine it is necessary.
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