Do Jumpsoles really work???

Joined Jun 11, 2008
I'm trying to increase my vertical leap and I heard about JumpSoles. Do they work? If any of you have used them or heard about other people using them, doyou know how much it increased their vert? Thanks
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Originally Posted by greggy7495

nice but i've been seeing people say that they gain like 10" in like a it true??
you have to be really dedicated to it i believe

if your lazy, most likely not
Joined Sep 18, 2008
Originally Posted by Grand 0ld Party

do squats, power cleans and plyos and youll see much better results
I'll agree with him. It might take a little longer but you'll see better results and they'll stick with you longer. And in general it's saferthen the jumpsoles
Joined Feb 4, 2005
i have personally used them and my knees have been messed up ever since. i highly recommend not using them.

just do squats and lunges
Joined Apr 26, 2005
plyometrics are good... if you really want something else other than that, maybe you should consider the Jump Higher book from tim grover, you know the trainerof NBA stars..
Joined Oct 1, 2008
i used them for about 3months straight a few years ago during the summer,they helped my vert a lot,i gained about 8 inches of vert but i lost it all after itried AirAlert which fd up my knees .
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