Does anyone have info on Dunk iD?

Joined Nov 7, 2004
I've been tinkering around with the templates and I am unsure of the quality on this new iteration of dunk id "premium". I Cant find anyone reviewing the quality of the denim twill or the leather on either the Hi or there a thread i'm missing? 
Joined Oct 8, 2009
it's brand new, it went live at the same time the new AM1 id options did.
Joined Nov 7, 2004
its been a week right? and no mention in this forum..strange. Guess everyone stuck on space jam sb's nutssss 
Joined Aug 31, 2005
Nike posted some pics on their twitter, but most of the close-ups were of the corduroy material, which they don't offer online.

I lost all interest in Dunk IDs a number of years ago after I got my pairs and saw how crappy the leather was. I haven't checked for them since. The denim option seems cool, but I doubt the quality truly warrants the "premium" price hike. Call me a skeptic.
Joined May 7, 2006
Funny this topic was just brought up, made some last night alongside w/ am90s and am1s.

The iD display pair was real f'n nice @ Santa Monica Nike
Joined Oct 8, 2007
I too haven't touched dunk ID's in years after being disappointed with the quality issues. But I generally don't do regular dunks anyway. I need SB's with the zoom air.
Joined Feb 2, 2008
I've never been fond of buying products that I haven't physically touched or even seen. Custom Dunks would really scratch the itch I've been having lately though...>_>
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