Does this make sense to you? (US shipping to CAN)

Nov 30, 2002
Ok so I bought a pair of USA Zoom Kobe Is on ebay Feb. 9th and they were 125$ USD plus 20$USD shipping (with Fed Ex). So the total came to like $165 canadian or something around there.......anyways the shoes came on Feb.21st (shipped from Flordia). Then on March 2nd, I get a letter saying I owe $107 CAN for duties? $107 for duties is pretty damn rediculous and not to mention I got the letter a week after I got the shoes. What would you do, just pay it? Anyone else have problems with Fed Ex shipping from US to Canada?
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I've had the same problem before, and just never payed it. Fedex hasn't sent me anything since.

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You used an independent shipper and they usually send duty charges after delivery not during delivery or pick-up...

And yes, they do charge more than your Canadapost because of crazy extra fees...that's why you stay away from FedEx and UPS.

Just ask your shoes to be shipped via EMS or Global Express Mail. Usually US$24-30 and arrives here 3-5 biz days. Has online tracking and you can always ask the sender to tag them as GIFT and with a value of US$25-50.
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dang that's a load of cash, i would avoid it lol
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yeah well i bought stuff shipped with UPS before and never had crazy duties like this, but oh well, i learned my lesson, never buy something shipped with fed ex
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Yeah, Danny make sure you get things shipped to you as a gift.
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if the letter is from Fedex then just forget it.
well UPS is worst. so thats why i never use UPS
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it's up to you, but you can alwasy get the dude to mark the package as a gift and a value below $20. That way you dont get charged duties and NO brokerage fees(which are the killer, duties arent really that much, it's the brokerage fees that Fedex and UPS charge)
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ur better off not accepting the package, and getting a refund..
and buying again from another seller
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