Does your interest in a AJ decrease, when alot ppl own them?

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i'm gonna have to disagree with a lot of NTers on this one. it actually does bother me when i buy a pair of J's and appreciate them and then i see someone else coppin em that doesnt even collect J's and what not. idk just my thought.. >D
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face murda

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People kill me when they say, it doesn't matter, or they buy what they like. This isn't any regular shoe kids. We don't waste our time talking about JB if it didn't matter. H&ll yes it decreases when all these kids wear em all the time, beat em up and never know how to match up an outfit with em. And they drop retros every 2 weeks in some of the most ignorant colors possible. Thats why they still on the sales rack. U could never find a pair of Jordans 2 days after they dropped. It took alot away from the shoe and the anticipation of the next release... >:
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I totally agree.But dont get your hopes down just cuz half the nation's rockin' em.I think it matters how you rock 'em and what you rock wit 'em
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Quote:[hr][/hr]no cause if i like a shoe i like it i dont care how many ppl have them[hr][/hr]

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nope but i do like rocking them like a few months later or mayb even longer
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I don't lose interest, but to be honest, I hate seeing other people w/ the same shoe. I am sure most people feel that way. Your girls ever bump into other girls with matching/ similar dress? You know how that feels?

People use fashion to differentiate, so having shoes that's less on people's feet means something.

But anyhow, I just won't wear them instantly like I do with other shoes because I know cats are always hyphyed up about them, wearing them soonest.
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i have so many colors so good luck for some1 to own a pair like mines, unless theyre shoeheads, u dont go to the mall and see 5 people wearing cg xi's or laneys, you see 15 ppl wearing all black x's or citrus vii's
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My interest in jordans is decreasing year by year, but for different reasons. Not because of other people.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]My interest in jordans is decreasing year by year, but for different reasons. Not because of other people.[hr][/hr]
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no. i buy jordans because i like them and can now finally afford them. most people today are just buying them because its the new it thing.
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Definitely not! It puts a smile on my face to see that not everyone has crossed over to skateboard status.

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The Guys is Right Jordans Mite be Corny Now n Days cause all these whack colorways coming out I Love Jordans but i cop Jays cause i remember back in da day like in 1st grade n 2nd grade how kids had jordans and watchin MJ play was like the biggest thing and rockin pair of jordans back than was crazy people couldnt hardly afford them Nyc Got people insane wit js i remember the rapotor 7s a bunch cats in my block had them and Chicago Xs n PowderBlue Xs there so many i remember that i fell love but heated cause they were so expensive but so far now i have most of the OGs i wanted n its something i love OG Colorways maybe some new colors but them Aquas are the Bomb alot of memorize of those sneakers n proud to have them its Not Because Everyone is Wearing its How u Rock it n its How I was Born wit it Wash-Heightz OG Jordans are My Life n I hate all these Fruity Colors that never came out but always stick to my other beside jordan OG Nikes n White/White AF1 n Dunks ...thats me i love kicks
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Guy 1: Clean black/red tee that fits,

denim not sagging too low [or sagging at all], Playoff VIIIs, head held high in confidence.

Guy 2: Oversized black XXXL tall tee, oversized sz. 42 black denim below the nuts,

oversized black/red Chicago Bulls New Era [sup my hat's too big], Playoff VIIIs, head held high in cluelessness.

Despite the same pair...

Confidence/swagger and what is worn along with it makes each identical pair unique in its own way.

September 30, 2006:

The day I only began to realize how stupid this is...
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It doesn't effect my interest in them cuz I have many j's that everyone and they moms have. I buy them cuz I want does kill me sometimes how I will see 30 people wit the same sneaker before it drops and double that number after they do drop....smh....that's how it was wit the aquas....I was like god damn everyone got these @#%$....I still copped. That's why I sit on mine cause wit everyone rockin them I rather wear other kicks I have that aren't all over the doesn't effect my decision it jus makes me say lord have mercy this is ridiculous....and people say interest in j's are diminishing....yea OK
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just because a lot of people have it, i dont really care....but if they ROCK IT EVERY DAMN DAY, fu*k, it takes away the specialness for me...
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Maybe a bit, but if I like em I'll cop em. I'll just wait a bit too bust em out, till some disappear off the streets.
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i just cop and let them sit for a few months, rock them once and then put them away for another few months and just keep with that routine
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its not that they make me not like the shoe, but it just bothers me when hypebeasts just buy every release they see and wear them trying to look cool when they dont even know anythign about MJ or the shoe itself. thats why i wear them once or twice and then i keep them on ice (what many here already mentioned).
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