Does your interest in a AJ decrease, when alot ppl own them?


Feb 15, 2007
I was talking about this subject, with my friend today, he said that his interest in the fire red III's were gone, when he saw half the nation rocking them. Is this what made the grapes so alluring?
Do you think this will happen with the Aquas, and will make them a less desirable shoe? If so or not, Elaborate your opinions..
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no i could care less who has them i buy jordans because i like them who cares if half the nation copped'em if you seen everone rocking them and you didnt have them i bet you would what them even more
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no cause if i like a shoe i like it i dont care how many ppl have them


i guess it does feel special sometimes to have a shoe that nobody else has, like for those collectors with PEs or scrapped samples, but nonetheless i buy a shoe because i like it
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I kinda get uncomfortable when 2 or 3 other people including me have the same shoe on (Like at the movies after a GR Release). Thats why I like to wait a few months to rock my GR's.
Simple answer...No
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nope, if everyone had my grails black/red and black/white/red XIIIs on, they'd still be my grails
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For me not really. No one at my college wears them and around my city I NEVER see an authentic pair. If I didn't know any better I wouldn't know that authentic Jordan's exist. So I guess having just simple GR is enough to keep me happy.
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Thats why I like to wait a few months to rock my GR's.

thats exactly what i do....But yeah, if the shoe looks GOOD, especially the colorway, im str8 withem. I really dont care if a MILLION other people are wearing them. I mean ITS THE EXACT SAME THING WITH EVERY OTHER GOD DAMNED SHOE!!!!!!! Even with unpopular, unhyped shoes, You can expect 100,000 other people in the world to have them on. Company's dont just make 10 pairs of each shoe so that only YOU have them.

If you hate people wearin the same shoes as you, just keepem on ice for a year or so and then rock'em
To be honest here, it slightly does. Not that much, but a just a little bit.
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never...but i understand where you coming BNyC23...i use to feel like that when i see peps(mainly hypebeast)rocking J's for for fashion...but now it doesnt bother me at all...


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Well, I usaully buy what I like, no matter how other people feel about them, but I do hate it when I buy a general release and I see all the high school kids at the mall with them, they also make the shoe look retarted with their lame styles. Now I store my general releases and break them out a year later, when everyone else has beat theres down.
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absolutely not. me liking a shoe has no connection to what others have/think. the shoe means something to me, not to others have
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if i like a shoe i dont care what anybody thinks...thats the way it was when i was a kid...and im the one paying for the shoes...
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I really don't care... I'm just buying them because I grew up on J's and I have always loved them... but I do wish the hype would die off, just so i could get sneakers more easily
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by thanksgiving people from around my way will mess up their aquas and ill probably wear them once by then and wont wear mine till april

all the newbies and hypebeast should go to sole heads
No sir... If that bothers you (which it shouldn't), wait 6 months, and then 90% of the other young kids will have worn theirs' out...
I buy what I like.
If it just so happens that the masses like the same thing that I do then so what.

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