..:::Don Cannon Presents: The Cool Kids - Going Fishing Mixtape:::... Update - *Out Now*

Aug 30, 2008

[h2]We Are TheChampions………
Ok, Ok, Ok…………We heard you! The new mix-tape is dropping any day now, but to hold you over for the weekend we are letting this one go.

This is Champions off the new "Gone Fishing" mix-tape. Produced by myself and Don Cannon, Cannon. Enjoy it and make sure you put it on 11. Go!

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Originally Posted by FinesseSosa

these dudes still got rank in the game? i thought they gimmick was up

Co-sign but it sounds like the took a couple online courses for Hip Hop School.

Ol' Rossetta Stone emcees
Been waitin' on this for a minute.
Don't act like their !!#* doesn't knock... Chuck got beats.
shouldn't really overlook them, they can rock a show. I'll be looking forward to the new tape tho'...
Even if you haven't liked cool kids in the past, I honestly don't see how you could listen to this track and admit its straight FIRE! I love how dudeson this site get a hard on for *@#@ with hyped releases(like Kinda Like A Big Deal), which IMO was a hot track, but this stuff %@$*# on any verse of thattrack.
yall know how i feel about these dudes rappin..ive never denied chucks beatmaking skills, and he gettin better too. the beat on the song popcorn is crazy
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