Do's & Dont's In NY

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So Im Having This Debate About Things That Get You Robbed In NY and Things That Will Fly & Wont Fly. Help Settle This Debate...
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So Im Having This Debate About Things That Get You Robbed In NY and Things That Will Fly & Wont Fly. Help Settle This Debate...

****** is gonna be out there robbing regardless man. **** is the Wild West.

Keep your head up, don't stunt, don't be looking lost, and when you walk into an unfamiliar neighborhood, walk up to the toughest street cat you can find and tickle him. It's called Fluffyfingers and it's how we establish dominance outchea
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Things have changed drastically

When ipods came out if you was flexing the white head phones you got "got"

Nowadays , you can have an ipad out on the train with yeezys on and noone trys you

It really depends tho, People will tell you the Bronx is the worst but there is some parts of Rocakaway that are stuck like 20 years in the past
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.....come here with your scary ***.

In all seriousness, it's not that serious. You not going to the hood so you're good.
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T Lo Sweater

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If u act shook or nervous in the hood then u will get jux

Act cool. "what's good my *****" and keep it pushin

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

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Don't.....let anybody tell you there's anything better than Queens pizza.

Don't.....hand your wallet to someone because they tell you their looking for a new wallet and want to feel the quality of yours.

Don't....stare at other people, even though they might be staring at you.

Don't....walk slow, because we'll know your not from around here and we will mow you down

Don't....think where your coming from is better than NYC. When you get here you better tape your eyelids back so that your eyes can relish in the sight of the capital city of the entire galaxy.
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go to fordham to get fly & bag ******* then go to da heights n cop some dour & bag ******* and get some halal food & bag some *******... lit *** day... just dont act or move like a square and u straight b
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Nah b the dudes I'm with talking **** like they can't b touched, they got this Atlanta mentality n I'm jus tryna explain to them , because I've been here b4 n lived here for 3 years
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If you get approached by a wallet inspector on the streets, immediately hand it to him.  He will return it within 48 hours.

I know it sounds inconvenient, but you have to make sure it meets state regulations.
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