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I am looking for a nice pair of black and brown dress shoes/loafers. I work in the finance industry and have bought dress shoes before, I just wanted to know where to look for the best pricing and deals. Thanks. 
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I like the styles Macy's has and they usually aren't too bad. If you want a real high end shoe then maybe a Brooks Bros. For me, right now indent have to wear overly nice ones since we are business casual so my last pair was from Kohls with a coupon, pretty freaking cheap but depends on the dress level
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If you haven't been on Gilt Groupe (http://www.gilt.com/), check them out. Crazy good deals on quality, quality, dress wear. I'm talking 800 dollar shoes for $150 and 2,000 dollar suits for $300. I picked up a pair of Frye's there for half off of retail about a year and a half ago, still in fantastic condition. I'm assuming you're a banker of some sort, so if you want nice shoes to look the part and keep for a long time I think that's your best bet.. gl!
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Outlets are great for this, not sure where you are located but Bally, Off Saks fifth avenue, Tods, and Gucci usually carry some good loafers.


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Try out Ecco shoes. Most comfortable shoes ever. I've had mine for 5 years and they're still looking fresh.
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