Durant turns down $70M offer from Adidas, picks Nike

Jul 8, 2003
from seattle times,

"Sonics forward Kevin Durant scored the second-largest endorsement contract for an NBA rookie when he signed a seven-year, $60 million deal with Nike that included a $10 million signing bonus.

The Beaverton, Ore.-based shoe and apparel company and Durant's agent Aaron Goodwin confirmed the announcement Wednesday.

According to industry sources, Durant declined a seven-year, $70 million deal with Adidas that included a $12 million signing bonus largely because he has a long history with Nike dating to the eighth grade in Washington, D.C.

"At the end of the day, Kevin has been with Nike his whole career and he felt comfortable with them," Goodwin said. "He took the time to give Adidas the opportunity and they're a great company, but he chose the company that he's more familiar with. And we build brands on authenticity and it's more authentic for him to be somewhere where he wants to be and he's comfortable."

Durant's sneaker deal will include a signature shoe that will be unveiled after his rookie season. In the past months, he has talked about wanting to endorse a mid-range price shoe, and Goodwin said those plans are in the works.

Durant's deal falls short of the $90 million deal that Nike signed with Cleveland forward LeBron James in 2003.

Former Kentwood High star Rodney Stuckey, who was drafted No. 15 by Detroit, signed a multi-year shoe-endorsement deal with Adidas. Specific terms were not disclosed. "

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yess im so glad he didn't sign with crappy addidas brand, and to the kids credit he actually took a pay cut, nice!
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Durant Signature shoe. Sounds good. Hope it's not a Shox.
----------Sig. start----------

good job, adidas is whacktastic
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even though they gave him all that dough, I have a feeling it'll be a while before he gets a true sig. Nike really only has like 4-5 sig shoes in basketball. I mean Nash dosent even have a true sig shoe, and dude was a back to back(shoulda been a 3 peat) MVP Lebron, Kobe, Vince, and Stat...and I guess you could throw Melo in there too even though his shoes have been Jordan hybrids for the most part....it still has his name on the shoe.
if he does get a sig shoe right off the bat, I'll be anxious to see it...its been a long time since we've had any signature shoe level players here. Ray had hot Jordan PE's but they were Jordans. GP had "the Glove" I guess Kemp had those Kamikaze's. his name wasnt on 'em, but he's the only NBA player I ever saw wear them
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AUUURITE! good job, kd. :pimp:
LOVEYOU want them..
not because everyone else does.."
I doubt we will have to wait too long. I mean they did throw the man 70 million.

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Dude turned down $10 million just to be with Nike...NTer maybe? :lol:

I wonder what his shoes are going to look like.
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Go Durant! adidas sucks....

...should be on Team Jordan!
lol at ray talking about his mother being crazy, cuz all day she'd be calling for him..." JESUS...JESUS COME HOME"
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GO SUPER SONICS..im be at games.
probably wouldnt by his shoes
but who knows lets just see
what they will look like
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