Ever try chamomile?

Joined Feb 3, 2008
I cant sleep and nothings really helping. Ive heard drinking chamomile tea helps.
Anyone have any experiences with it. Insomnia FTL
Joined Aug 28, 2008
Other than it doesnt taste that great unless u add honey, never tried it to get myself to sleep
Joined Sep 4, 2002
Celestial Seasons makes a chamomile/spearmint tea called Sleepytime. I think it tastes great and might help calm you down to sleep.
Joined May 4, 2005
Melatonin... i bought some from Wild Oats.... works pretty good... i take 2 pills and i fall asleep in about 20min...
Joined Nov 15, 2001
they give chamomile to patients that suffer from insomniac ...i take a few cups a week. it helps. I knock out by 1130..when i used to go to bed at 2-4 am smh

this what i do.

boil/heat water.

pour into cup with the teabag already in the cup, then put a small plate over the cup to steep it for a few minutes.

dont add any sugar or honey.. taste good. =D
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