Expected Salary?????

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Quick question: Im signing up for a job at the UPS Store.....not UPS warehouse where the trucks and stuff come. This is called the UPS STORE. On theapplication it asks what is your expected hourly rate? How much should I put down? Any of you guys know anything about a entry level job at the ups store? Is9-9.50 too much?
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HELL NO....minimum wage is like 6.55. So if i did that , that would equal 7.05. Im a college student and I refuse to work for that much. Especially because itsat establishment like the UPS STORE. I highly doubt its that less. I was working at fast food restaruants making more than that
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If you can write it in then put open. If you have to put a figure then put what JRS said.
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yea i was thinking negotiable is appropriate. If they asked me what I think im worth I would put like 12 a hour lol
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just put open on it.
i don't even know why they put that spot on applications.
it's like they wait for the people who lowball themselves or something.
all of my previous jobs have had set salaries for entry level positions.
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Originally Posted by dbbabd

yea i was thinking negotiable is appropriate. If they asked me what I think im worth I would put like 12 a hour lol
Damn, you think you're only worth 12 an hour
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It kinda depends on what experience you have. If you have any relevant experience, or something that qualifys you get paid more than minimum wage and you canagrue/prove it, aim high.

Unfortunately being a college student does not qualify you for making much more money in this feild. No offense, but you do not have to be that smart to loadboxes in a truck.

On another note, my boy used to work for UPS, and I remember him sayin they pay well. Around $11-$13 an hour. I'd say putting 10 or 11 you will be safe.Unless you only made $6.55 at your last job.

Remember if you aim low, they will pay you low. If you aim too high they will laugh at you. Play it safe (on the high side). I know personally the people atthe Gap got paid as little as possible because they put "open" or something to that effect.
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