Fake Jordan 1?

Joined Jul 8, 2008
hey i found these on EBAYt i dont actually want to buy them but im sure they fake n i want to report him lol iv been reporting heaps....i just got sick ofseeing fakes everywhere so i reported like crazy..
.power seller with some bad feedback sayin he sellin fake shoes....they going for $390
have a look....they look flawless besided this one triangular shaped inperfection on the toe which is usaully wat u find on fakes
hope u can help sorry if im completely wrong


formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
Yea you are completely wrong, these are 100% Legit, you might need to learn more about fakes before you run around and start reporting people, this dude isHella legit. might be time to find a new hobby, fakes arent going anywhere
Joined Aug 1, 2008
wasnt there a thread not to long ago about legit XIII's having the small tiangle, so why wouldnt that apply to I's as well?
Joined Jul 8, 2008
actually i knew defianatly that the ones i reported were fake.....would you buy a BMP pack with key chains and looks like a little kid made them
i just wasnt sure about the triangular imperfections.....i heard they meant the shoes were fake but wasnt completely sure
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