Jan 13, 2005
you did a good job.

mariners are on an 8 game winning streak.

welcome mac!

who thinks mariners can make post-season this year?

Team Pacific Northwest​
Hargrove did a horrible job and its fine with me that he leaves

Seattles win streak is not because of him
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^Agreed, but his leaving could end it? I just hope they stay rolling and do well. I don't buy the burned out excuse either, I think we will learn more in time.

Team Pacific Northwest​
I almost feel like....(insert new managers name here) was the reason for the current win streak. They said Hargrove told them he wanted out on the 20th....I knew somethin was up when dude went to his daughters graduation for the entire weekend. I've never seen anything like that...1 game maybe...maybe for a death, but graduation? the whole weekend?
the team has definitey played a different style...i cant rememeber a time we stole or bunted men over so much. the 1 game...we had what, 3-4 consecutive bunts? I've NEVER seen that from a Mariners team. they say the new guy is alot more agressive than Hargrove...i HAVE to believe the way theyve been playing lately is because of him
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my conspiracy theory--

it's because of Ichiro...now he's more likely to re-sign with us.
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