Feeling behind in life

You'll figure it out family. A lot of students will get demoralized if they don't graduate in 4 years but very few do. The last few semesters of college are tough but you'll be so proud of yourself when you finish
Thats the plan brother. Thank you
H HoodieSZN I felt the same way you did when I was in Uni. I changed my degree 5 times and ended up with a double major, it wasn't by choice, I just couldn't find a program that would give me the knowledge that I needed for my tech startup. I realized that university is too theoretical to be practically applied.

I've seen all my friends graduate before I did, getting good paying jobs, getting married, some even putting a downpayment for a house while I was working on a struggling startups barely making ends meet and not yet graduated. When I eventually graduated, I didn't know anybody in my graduating class. But at the end of the day, I realized that NONE of that mattered.

As of today, I am (thankfully) making more money than most of my friends (although none of that matters and I am not saying it to count other people's pockets, I am just trying to prove a point), I have a house and two kids. The one or two years extra that you stay in school is going to be a small blip compared to the next 40 to 60 years.

What matters most is where you are right now and what you are doing with your time there. It was extremely difficult when I compared myself to my colleagues, but I had to constantly remind myself what the bigger picture was. It also really helped that I had a mentor and I highly advise you to get one.

Your time at university is special, and it's actually a blessing that you can spend more time there because once that's over, you will never experience a time like that again, even if you plan to do a post grad, let's say you may have a family, the university experience will be different.

Enjoy your time there, but also, experiment. One of the most precious things I've learned there are all the things I knew I did NOT want to do. I'd rather spend a semester learning that I hate accounting than to figure that out working 10 years as an Accountant.
wow thank you for taking the time to share your university experience.

You're right, slowing down definitely is a benefit and the extra time has helped me try out a ton of side projects for myself. Honestly, my father has been my mentor and I am forever grateful for having someone to speak to who has lived life and won't ever judge me. I just wrote on this forum to see if others from different walks of life had any advice, and many amazing people have.

Wish you and your family the best.
Keep pushing man, I'm almost 30 and I just started medical school (Not sure why I am putting myself through this hell :lol: ) A lot of my friends from college are physicians or doing their thing in the workforce, but hey it is what it is
Best of luck ! wish you nothing but the best. That is an incredible challenge and will be well worth it :smile:
That feeling never goes away as your goals change. What you have to learn is to fall in love with the process. Focus on the feelings you get out of the small daily wins. A lot of small steps add up to great achievements. These “feelings” need to become temporary because all that matters is that you continue to take day by day action.

It’s important you learn this because as you get older you’ll run into stuff that’s a lot harder to deal with that is out of your control (eg a parent getting sick/dying, etc). You need to realize there’s no one path of speed to life.
This is actually really helpful. I have kept telling myself once I graduate everything will be fine. But youre right, something else will likely come and then something else after that. Understanding thats the norm and to not over exaggerate it in my head will be key

Thank you
I don't think the op realized just how washed a lot of us are when he posted that :lol:

Seriously though, I remember feeling like a failure at 19. Twenty one ain't nothing. You'll be fine.

As far as being behind in life goes, I've talk to people in their 50s who're going back to school to learn new skills and better their job prospects. You're never too old unless you think you are. Then everything sorta becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
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