Fighting a red light camera ticket.

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For you Californians that know we are allowed to make right turns on red lights given the opportunity. Well I don't k ow if some I you been by Pierce college. On mason and victory. You aren't suppose to make a right. Well I saw the sign late and I was like on half of the cross walk for pedestrians and was snapped. (I saw the lights go off). I didn't turn right until the light turn green. It was too late already.
So can I fight it? And how?
I heard something about traffic school. I never did that.
And how much will it hurt my insurance? Thanks
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Sorry I don't have answers to all your questions, luckily they never got me.

Here in San Diego they took down the red light cameras just this year and I couldn't be happier. Had one down the street from my house that i'd pass through every day. I'd almost have a damn heart attack just driving through the intersection hoping the light wouldn't turn.

I'm convinced the cameras do nothing but make people drive worse. When they catch a yellow light all they do is mash the gas pedal even harder than they would have without a camera being there. No benefit to anyone except to simply make money for the city.

I had friends tell me the fine was about $400 (in San Diego) That's all i've heard of it.

There's probably a chance yours won't stick. Someone should notice that you didn't continue your turn and it was just an honest mistake.
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Wait til you get your ticket/bill, if you didn't turn, sometimes they do not send you your ticket because it is reviewed before being sent out. Those lights are sensitive. Usually you have to actually turn or cross that line all the way where they take your pic twice (before and after) but who knows.

If you do get that ticket, I don't think you can fight it because it is enforced by MTA, it isn't the same camera lights that they removed because people stopped paying and there was little to no repercussions. Those MTA lights are supposedly of a different department and I haven't heard or read of anyway to get out of it.


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I heard that those tickets are self incriminating. Legally you have the right to take the "officer" who issued you a ticket to court to fight the violation, since there is no physical officer involved than the ticket is void. Don't know how much of that is actually true, just what I've heard from other people.

My friend's wife got a red light ticket through a camera and ignored it when it came in the mail. Nothing happened to her.
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Cinco how does traffic school work? Do I still have to pay the fine?
pay for the fine plus traffic school.

Fight it and see ifyou could win? If the cops try to show you video evidence nod your head, but if the judge asks say you don't want to see it. The ticket will be overturned since they'd have to go get the guy at the facility where the evidence is at and they're otu of state most of the time. loulz

(I read that online, try it and see if it works)

I cannot be held liable if you do lose.
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good luck with that. i rather get a camera ticket which is 50 bucks and under the rug it goes. than an actual cop pulling u over humiliating you and then points on Ur license. pay it and u good
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you pay the ticket and fees for traffic school. You get a list of schools in the area, sit in boredom or do it online, and they submit the paperwork to the county showing you took care of it.

There's a light on South and Studebaker, in the Cerritos Auto Square...I've seen that thing get people in same situations as yourself, I avoid that corner if I need to make a turn or cut through the gas station, eff that :smh:
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good luck with that. i rather get a camera ticket which is 50 bucks and under the rug it goes. than an actual cop pulling u over humiliating you and then points on Ur license. pay it and u good

These MTA red light tickets cost $450-$550.
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This might help, it addresses that MTA red light specifically:

It may be possible to completely ignore a Metro ticket.

1. If your "ticket" does not have the Superior Court's name and address on it, it is a fake ticket, which I call a "Snitch Ticket." For more details about Snitch Tickets, see the Snitch Ticket section at the top of the Your Ticket page.

2. If you have received a real ticket (with the Court's name and address), you may still be able to ignore it as the LA County Superior Court does not report ignored red light camera tickets to the DMV. More info is in "Countywide Information," which is Docs Set # 2 on the LA County Documents page.
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I've been living in Long Island for the past few years where you can make a right unless there's a sign saying so. I've been making the same right turn a couple hundred times now at the same spot, theres a sign saying yield when pedestrains present. And suddenly a few weeks ago I got 3 tickets for the same right turn (on seperate occasions) in the span of two weeks.! What the hell!?


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 Argue it down to a non-moving violation. Camera took a still frame, fairly difficult to tell if you ran it or just went a little over the line to trigger camera.
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i got caught running red light in cerritos once. they had a video and pics of me doing it. i pleaded not guilty and went to trial. no one showed to testify against so the judge dropped my case.
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Yo abouut 3 months ago at 4 am i turned right onto roscoe from canoga (by the exposed stripclub) and the camera flashed and took my pic but i never got a tocket in the mail and it aint on my license online
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if your ticket says "Do Not Contact the Court About this Notice" and there is no Address of the court on it DON'T respond.

if no official ticket (with court address) has been sent to you within 14 days you are good to go.
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Sidenote: I see a lot of people with dark plastic film covering their plates to make it not so visible. How is that even legal :lol:
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Sidenote: I see a lot of people with dark plastic film covering their plates to make it not so visible. How is that even legal :lol:
It's not but those are useless anyways because the cameras have flash. I believe they used to sell ones that actually reflects those flashes though but I think it's been pulled from the stores.
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