Footlocker/Footaction/Champs F&F SALE 8/23-8/26

dang again? lol thats tight!!

but yea wheres the source?
team foamposites
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yea... with your five posts, you should have a source.
"We keep legit check in check"​
with my five posts :rofl:
lolol ...understood
thanks for the info! somebody needs to post the pictures of the emails like last time.
smh no need to get exicted fellas..just like every other F&F sale...prices are gonna go back to Original Price or Everything YOU want is gonna be Excluded smh
would atc's and air flares go back to full price probably or stay at 90 or go under?
SEE PROFILE: AJ RETRO SALE all sz7.5, near retail + SHIP!!!!!!
FS: Opium180 sz13 $110, HOA AM1 sz10 pm me, '03Cement3s9.5 $150noboxVNDS , Mili4 and 3MGBean V sz 12 pm/im me
References: In the Profile......
High Priority Looking For: AF1 HK sz8 DS or 1-2x worn with Box
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how come no online coupons yet? its only a few days away and its not posted yet? hmmm suspect. but hey if he said he saw the coupons from his store then i guess you can't knock it yet...if it proves false let the flaming begin, if not give him a pat on the back (cruel world aint it?) haha jk

is this suppose to be a 30% F&F?
Preordered and ordered some Js from and I used code 116 to recieve $5.50 OFF my purchase!
Use that coupon code to save too, also cant beat the free shipping!
dang already?!?! i hope so i want some new running shoes and a couple of baseball fitteds.
Wanted Sz. 8:
Damn, I definitely hope they are going to have another F&F because I was short on ends during the last sale and I couldn't really pick up much. But this time around, I will be patiently waiting. :D
we should start an official where the heck are the e-coupons for the f&f sale thread!
if this is true YESS, if not you should get banned
^^^ we're not sayin ur lyin but:
1. your a newb
2. we jus had a F&F a phew weeks ago, and they do them about 4 or 5 times a year
Great scott!

Many times in the past there have been F&Fs only one month apart. Also, there historically seems to be one in time for back to school, so I'm guessing this is legit.

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