for the filipino denim heads

theyre nothing special...

even more of a hassle to have to keep fitting and fixing them.
Levis still rules hehehe VIKTORs are not bad too

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ersh817 :wow:

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and size twelve is the illest
your style is played out, like arnold wondered
what you talkin' bout, willis?
VIKTOR jeans are very popular here to the socialite club.. i think... i thought they'd be nice since they're high end custom jeans.. but i honestly believe i wasted my money.. i've never worn it out actually.. cause it doesn't fit well.. and believe me i had it redone a few times.

there's always crumpling in the knee area. and the hip area seems to always pop out a bit.. which happens to be the same as all the other jeans i've seen on other people.. but i guess people don't mind..

for me, if its custom, it better be perfect. that's why its custom.
There are a lot of other designers who design custom jeans for a way cheaper price. I read one article from the newspaper before. I should have saved it.

And I agree, Levi's is still good. :smile:
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The hype behind Viktor denim is too much, and for the same price point you could get better cut denim. You would be better off with *** repro denim(price is also a bit higher thou)

But hey if it makes people feel good, I wouldn't be one to stop them :smile:

FS: LBIV China Edition size 9 & 10.5
If you want real custom demin, go to Quiapo.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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best jeans imho that ive ever wore are 7 for all mankind. it just feels...different...when you wear them.
^They're going to come out with a line for the younger market, VIK, that will go for about Php 2,000-3,000.

The regular ones start at Php 4,000.00.

And if you want a pair of jeans that no one else will ever have, the rate starts at Php 7,000.00.

Soon, they're going to release a very high end line named LORD VIKTOR.

The worst disability, is the disability to understand.
hey guys, i'm about to bounce to canada for uni and well i need jeans. can you guys recommend me some? im looking for jeans in the 1000-2000, bang for the buck. but i also dont mind splurging on some levis.

thanks in advance
i'm gay for fabregas​
Going back to basics.

I love my 501 STFs.


After 4 months and 1 wash



Not bad for $50 for two pairs.
There's a cheaper custom jeans shop at Megamall... forgot the name though but from the looks of it they are better than Vik Jeans...

23/501 anyone?


36? You don't look like you have that size?
this may sound baduy, but for me i like giordano's jeans. its somehow much softer than the other jeans and its also cheap hehe. levis are more into the softer jeans, but not the ones to the point that it already has no shape/style hehe
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