For those that say "Elephant/Cement print is off".

Dec 14, 1999
"Cement print looks off"

"Cement pattern looks wrong"

"elephant print is mishaped"

and one of my personal favorites...

"The pattern is too thick"

I'm gonna explain myself one last time here...

Millions of layers of elephant print were stamped. The layers on top recieved a heavier stamp, than those on the bottom layers....hence a darker print. That is why you'll see some retro III's with an extremely dark print, and some with a lighter print.

Also, The print will never look exact on every shoe. This makes every shoe unique. So if you see one print and it doesn't look like yours, don't call it fake. Get it?

Here's an example....



Guess what? Those are 100% legit. Bought from Finishline.

So, next time you feel the urge to say one of the lame quotes up there, remember that it can quickly get you booted.

There's so much more you can say. Tell me that print goes to high, or too low, or that it should only extend past a certain part of the shoe...Come up with something else besides, "it looks off".
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You can get suspended for not saying why a shoe isn't legit? I don't get it. Why is everything so tight around here? Who runs this site?
You can get suspended for not saying why a shoe isn't legit? I don't get it. Why is everything so tight around here? Who runs this site?

Why would you answer with just a one word response like "fake!"?

How is that helpful to anybody? If you can't state the reasons why something is fake, you're either too damn lazy, or you really don't know what you're talking about.

Remember, the whole point of this forum is to educate members. So maybe next time they won't ask why a pair of black/green III's is fake.
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Could you compare the authentic print to the variants? So for future reference people know the real differences.

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Honestly, you really can't. Because theres different variations of the print, you can't really say one is real or fake. In the case of the III's, you almost have to pinpoint other factors in determining fakes, unless the print was different colors than the legit pairs or badly mishaped.
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The easiest way to determine the print from what I've personally seen. (someone on ebay sent me fake 3's once) is that the print on the fakes is painted on as opposed to being stamped into the leather. So I recommend that people get up close of the print of the actual shoe. In my particular case, I was the victim of a stolen picture auction. Of course, I realize this just pertains to my one pair of shoes. I don't know if fakes have gotten better and started stamping the print on but I doubt it
that topic pops up like all the time
i think this comes up because an issue of sneaker freaker did a rundown of how to tell if an AJIII is fake and they mentioned something along the lines of the cement print being too dark/thick. i got the book which is a compilation of issues so i don't know what issue it is.

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i think the most recent problem was that the fire red III samples had the dark cement print. those who were not familiar with the OG's probably thought the cement print would be like the wht/cement, blk/cement and true blue III's, when i fact the OG's had dark cement.
yo for the guys up there lol i bet at least half of you guys did that before like saying fake n leave without explaining haha.
thanks iljapino. the prints on my iii's were different on the shoes. im glad this was cleared up
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The Quality on them is the premium the other post speaks of.

Thats wussup
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Arent those true blues fakes?

Probably samples.

I know I had a sample pair where the box near the laces was filled in grey, and they also had "thick" elephant print.

Looked exactly like the pair above, legit.
thank you ijapino, i really people understand why their flips are different...
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