For those that would take Khloe over Kim...

Mar 17, 2008
..... is you serious?
Originally Posted by supeRsiC97

i'd take Kourtney

Never saw the hype of Kim. Plus Im an #$% man and the fakes are unacceptable. But she would still get it.
in that pic, the one on the right looks the best. i swear kims body is bangin no doubt but that face is NOTHING special. shes got a long horseface
You must have them mixed up or somethin OP. I've heard people say they would take Kourtney over Kim, but Khloe? Even though she's not hideous to me Idefinitely wouldn't take her over Kim. I probably can't name 5 women that I would take over Kim.

OP are you serious?

I thought the general argument was Kourtney>Kim>>>>>>Khloe
or Kim>Kourtney>>>>>>>>Khloe

but Khloe being mentioned over either of them? Nah fam, I hope you just got the names wrong lol
dudes tryin too hard to go against the grain.

Kim >kourtney>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>khloe
Choosing Khloe over Kim/Kourtney is kinda like starting a basketball team and choosing Smush Parker over Kobe/ just doesn't make sense.
korthey is on fire !!!!!!!!!! lookin way nicer then kim . plus every black guy on the planet has been up in those . that %$%@ must be looser then aoctomom's %$%@ . you cant have no fun with her unless you can feel something .
Originally Posted by CuriousGeorg3

people taking kourtney over kim? why?

Has the more subdued "girl next door" type look. The dudes who would take Kourtney over Kim probably get intimidated by girls more easily in reallife.
I'd take Kim, then Kourtney not too far behind her.

Khloe would get it after the above 2, or not.
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