Fradulant Black & Gold Jordan I's?

Feb 22, 2007
For the past year every other day I see somebody rocking a pair of Black/gold patent 1's, I refuse to believe that all of a sudden everybody is un-ds'ing there pair. I mean this shoe dropped years ago now all of a sudden everybody and they momma got a fresh pair, i dont believe but i never seen ake ones online... are there fake ones.... im serious i see this shoe nowadays then i see recent retros like the 3's, im not joking

Are their fake patent 1's?...... no way everybody in Toronto got a pair and decided to keep them fresh for 4 years
they are in all the fleamarkets...........alot i see have no jumpman on back.......1's are easy to fake so they look real
"yao know what i ming"
, I don't mean to put my friends on blast, but I know a lot of them got bootleg AJ Is especially the black/gold colourway. :smh:

thanks for clearing that up for me, when i first started rocking mine, nobody had a pair now the whole city gots them

Oh yea and Black 2's are also getting bootleged hard round here
Haven't seen those, but i do see a LOT of fake militaries. I only see them on girls though.
looking for (sz 12-13):
safari dunk high
AM1 NL cement (black)
blazers (viotech/pinstripe)
sb classics
LOL Fake militaries on females lol

How can you tell there fake, my homegirl gots a pair but she copped hers from Da Zone
when was it wrong to un-ds a pair years after it released?

i never wear jordans the year they drop. instead, i'd rather hold onto them for a good amount of years before i wear them.
I have worn mine a few times each summer for the past three years. So, if you are around the Southern Alberta area.... :smile:

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