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Feb 3, 2002
sweet. put me down for an L pls.
(Sz 12) Looking For: Nike Vandals (King Of Hearts), Jordan 16 - Cherrywoods Or Gingers, AZG Wheat, LeBron 2 (Grey/Blue), AJV Greenbeans, Flint 7s, Ice Xs, Flint 13s, Grey/Carolina 21s, Black/Carolina Melo 1.5s, AF1 Philippine Colorway, LeBron 3 All Stars​

FS: Jordan 5 Grapes, VVVNDS LeBron 3 Birthdays, Cardinals, used AZG.. all size 12
put me down boss...for a 3XL...please :\
Team Philippines
In Pacquiao We Trust​
This is cool!! Medium please...

If ever we see one walking with this shirt, we will know that he's a fellow NT'er
Fighting all the demons will take time...
Medium for me.
FS: DS Lebron IV Gold/White size 10. Send me a PM if interested.

love is taking the air less travelled.
I'll take a medium in all available colors

We only have one heart, but there are so many ways of breaking it.
do they fit same as normal nike dri fits? wat colors are avail? how much?
LF: AF1 Philippine Insideout Priority sz9-9.5
i wanna get down with what's going on here,could you provide the specifics of the shirt?length from shoulder to shoulder,etc..
FS:Lebron IV Chinas,Air Jordan 3 DTRT,Kobe 2 USA Ultimates all sz 11,Air Jordan 8 aquas sz 11.5
how much po?

James,Pavlovic,Hughes,Gooden,IIgauskas,Varejao,Marshall ,Da.Jones,Snow,Wesley,Newble,Gibson,Brown​
waiting for the details of the shirt... sizes, how they fit, available colors, and price but definitely il get the shirt.
Interested here! PM me with the details! thanks

Will be waiting
LF: Zoom Flight V, CB34, Penny IV white/royal/black,AF1 SCARFACE & AF! Sheed low Pistons All sz US 9.5-10 DS PM ME!
how much?
NDS aj18 black/royal blue size 11 (3000 neg), aj19 SE white/flint grey size 9 (4500 neg)
LoOkiNg fOr: aj4 mars/pures size 9, DMP size 9[/b]
..from air jordans to air force ones
Interested. Email sent. Thanks.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
[size=+1](Team [/size][size=+1]Back[/size] [size=+1]Spasms)[/size]

cnt w8 to get my hands on this.. L for me pls..
LF: AF1 Philippine Insideout Priority sz9-9.5
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