Getting HipTops unlocked in Canada???

Nov 4, 2005
I know there is some Hiptop users on here...

Anyone know if and where you can get these things unlocked in Canada. I tried to get Tmobile and some other random place in the states to unlock it and they said they couldnt. Just got off the phone with Fido here and the people they get to service there phones and they said they wont do it and they think it is unlockable.

Im pretty sure you can unlock these things cause Tmobile told me they refuse to do it because theres a way to get free wireless off of certain networks in the states when you do it, or something along those lines...

Anyone have any Info that could help? Also how about Fido taking away our unlimited Data in the US!?! @#%$ @#%$!!! Thats the main reason I switched to Fido was so I could have free data in the states. Not too stoked right now. Especailly since I found out the hard way and had a $400 bill.
Fido been jerking people for years now (Pause)..

I know they locked that UNLIMITED DATA plan awhile back, so unless you were on it from before, then forgetaboutit!

Get a phone with WI-FI, that is the cheapest solution if you want to use the Internet heavy. I do not believe any Canadian wireless provider offers a decent UNLIMITED DATA plan..

Anyway, its wack because T-Mobile has Unlimited Data plans that start at like $30 or something..

Sorry to hear about the bill!
Well I was on the plan from way back. They claim since the data is only an option in the plan they are aloud to legally take it away when ever they wish. Its total bull @#%$. I still get unlimited data in Canada, just not in the states. Thats why I need to unlock it, if I unlock it I can get a Tmobile pay as you go card for $30 a month unlimited for while Im in the states. No one seems to know how to unlock these damn things.
Let's just say if, and that's a big IF, you were able to unlock it, which you probably wouldn't be able to, all you would be able to use would the the phone and SMS. No net. At all. Don't argue. No net. NO NET. Speaking of no net, if your phone were to die for some reason, say, your battery ran out, you would lose all of your info, namely all your contacts and messages. That is because with the Hiptop, all of your info is backed up on the Danger servers. Without net, you wouldn't be able to access those servers, hence, can't retrieve any of your stuff. It's not even worth the trouble.
You know what? PSSH!! (And other assorted non-verbal signs of disagreement expressed through blowing of air)

you cant unlock the HT and use the net. you can stil lget the $20 unlmt plan but call them and ask for it, thats what my friends did.

the HT2 sucks too..not reliable cause mine broke
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