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Apr 4, 2007
Whats up guys?
I've been thinking about getting a Filipino flag or anything that symbolizes our culture, but of course its not a next-day- descision. Does any of you guys have any Filipino related tats? Pics would be really appreciated.
how bout something really artistic with fine details.. i saw a cool artwork of a jeepney with the philippine flag colors in my school. il try getting pics. or how bout something surreal? think about it coz it'll stick with you forever. try a philippine eagle with blazing firey wings in a blue sky with a little clouds and rays going out of the eagle..
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i was thinking of the philippine eagle on my chest wings spread out with Alibata writing...
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He wouldn't let me take any pics, but if you can hit up Martin (Black Widow) in Quezon City.. he had theeee NICEST sketch of Lapu Lapu standing with his shield and a sword.. the background is the Filipino sun with the rays spread out. Very, very detailed.

Not sure if I painted the picture nice enough, but if you have time to check out his work... do so. I got a tribal from him last summer.
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^^^ does he have a site or something where i can see his work.. tried googling him but couldnt find anythng
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^ Actually, I don't think he's set up on the web. He was recommended from a relative when we visited there. The only thing I remember was he lived off Quezon Avenue near a McDo and I also remember 'Executive' being really close by. :lol:
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Thanks for the info guys.

I just didnt want to walk in a tattoo parlor without any idea. Or much worse giving me the wrong tat. lol
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