Joined Oct 21, 2006
no hate. no discrimination. no steroid comments. Just love from the bay, I support you all the way!
Looking for a connection at Kicks/ Hawaii, Pegasus, Cap City, Goodfoot, Goliath etc. I will hook you up with Huf, UpperPlayground, True, Hatclub, or whatever you need.
PM me please.
Joined Aug 8, 2006
Was at the game tonight and I gotta say it's almost impossible for him to hit the ball cuz everytime he would bat all the flashes from people's camera's would go off. It was pretty koo to see but, if you're trying to hit a 90+ fastball it's next to impossible. I bet he'll get number 756 during a day game(that is if he plays in a day game).
Joined Mar 8, 2003
oops, just posted in the other giants game thread, but i'll be at sunday's game.....just scored 2 FREE tix. :pimp:
hopefully, barry plays and jacks one out. it's gonna be dope....i'm gonna eat myself silly on ballpark grub! man, this is gonna be a bad weekend for my tummy....bbq summit sat + game on sunday. i better stock up on pepto! :lol:
"The expectation we have for Air Jordans is for the MICHAEL JORDAN
Lately we've been getting the Derrick Coleman of basketball shoes: bloated, overhyped, overpaid, & underwhelming." --Truth spoken by NT's own "Iron Lung"
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He's gonna hit it tonight :pimp:

If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle
Joined Oct 25, 2005
damn thats a clean shirt. how much?
Wanted: Air Force 1 Philippines Edition sz 13 DS
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Joined Aug 28, 2006
Def. appreciated :pimp:
Bonds is like an embodiment of the Bay Area, everyone outside be hatin' but those who live here know whatsup :pimp:
Joined Dec 18, 2005
happy to see him break it live on tv. wish i was actually at the park to witness it. if anything, i was hoping he'd hit it at home, and i'm glad he did.
Joined Jul 16, 2004
LOL I was at...Elephant Bar in Serramonte when he hit it...... :pimp:
Lol..oh well..lets wait for the hate..
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