Go nuts with these! - KOBE IX FLYKNIT LOW, KD7

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Dunk High

H2K5 - some details missing the tattoo, I can't quite make it up from the photo i had.

Dunk Low

Air Up Flight

Air Foamposite 1

Air Foamposite Pro

Air Max Penny 1

Air Penny II

Air Penny IV

Air Force Max B

Air Zoom Generation

Air Zoom LeBron II Perf

Air Zoom LeBron III

LeBron 20-5-5

Shox BB4

Zoom Flight Kobe I

Air Total Force Max

Air Flight Huarache

Air Force I Mid

Air Force I Low

Air Flightposite I

Air Flightposite II

Air Flightposite III

Air Flightposite III Battleground

Air Unlimited (1994)

Air Zoom Flight 2K3

Air Trainer SC

Air Zoom Flight 5

Zoom Flight 96

Air Zoom GP

Air Shake Ndestrukt

Air Flight 89

Uptempo Motion Nash

More to come!

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very cool templates man... makes filling in with colors almost irrelevant.


Kobe AS games:
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i should make a coloring book of kicks for my little sister :D

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2K5's inspired the Limited Lebron II Perfs, a little weird but I really liked the way the II's looked:

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Quote:[hr][/hr]Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I Flightposite I [hr][/hr]
They'd be comin' soon! :wink:

Anybody remember these?

Air Up Flight

These need to be retroed!
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Quote:[hr][/hr] i should make a coloring book of kicks for my little sister[hr][/hr]
done it :lol:
. i used to make renderings for them and edit it on the comp and print them out and they would be like "how come these arent as good as the ones in the magazine" :lol:

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Air Ups.....besides the GR Penny Air Ups in blk/blue I had the white/silver with "Pippen" in a bubble on the backand "33" stitched where the "Nike Air" should have been. I think it was a FootAction excllusive - one of my fav shoes.....

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Air Ups, yup definitely my fave ballin' shoes, Retro them Nike!

Dre, where'd you get those pics?

Here's my Foamposite 1 template..



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Air Force Max B

Air Trainer III

Jordan Trunner LX

I wish there was a better picture of these. One of my favorite shoes of all time.

Air Unlimited


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my little addition to this post.


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