Going to a strip club for the first time. Give me tips please vol. Redundant topic, I know.

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Where you from OP? That can make a huge difference (on dome and extras). It also depends on the scale of strip club you are going to. The higher class the joint the more $ it is gonna cost. But really, they're strippers man who cares what you wear.


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guilty guilty

aigth heres my technique I learned from a high roller at the strip club. Grab a dollar and place it in between index and middle......Slap her butt with it as you place it on the thong

*slap.... heres a buck. Takes practice but before you know it you will be caressing those soft soft soft buttcheecks....yummy
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When you want a lap dance wait for the chick who looks like she's on drugs. They're the best.
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For those wondering, I'm in Cleveland.

And I just got a text saying we're all getting in free and will be in VIP. What's VIP at a strip club like?
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Originally Posted by MrYoungMoney

I've been to XTC twice, and well I went chillin'.
Jordan's, Levi's, Ralph Lauren Polo collared shirt.

Took about $200 with me.

They charged me $25 to get in, payed for VIP, payed the bouncer to let us drink.

Charged me $20 for each extra chair.

Table comes with six...

They have deals though, like two women or two lap dances from the same women for $20.

Women there are! 

This one stripper was making it clap!

Everyone was like "What's that noise?!" 

I was over the balcony dropping some one's and I turn around to my cousin getting a lap dance. 

Good times! 
If you're talking about XTC in Houston that may be the worst strip club on the face of planet earth.
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when i go to a strip club i just have a couple of beers, watch %%#@%%@ dance and thats it. im not giving my money to these %$*%+@ that dont even care about you.


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just try and smash a hot one and thats it. dont waste money on lap dances or anything else.

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