going to az - round 2 (tucson) - tourist help please


Apr 20, 2004
i went to scottsdale a few months ago and got some great help from nt. now i'm going to tucson and i need some help. i'm not looking for "streetwear" or shoes.

1. what is the best shopping mall(s) in the area?

2. i went to tombstone 3 years ago. any other tourist attractions fairly close by?

3. restaurant suggestions?

4. weather forecasts? (i'm kind of a wimp in cold weather - i'm coming from hawaii)

thanks niketalk!!
1. Tucson Mall or Park Place Mall have all your typical stores. La Encantada is a new more upscale mall.

2. Sorry don't really have any ideas for you. Though if you like eyecandy spend some time on the U of A campus

3. Definitely Rosa's or El Charro for mexican. There are a lot of good low key places near the campus like Frog and Firkin or Bisonwitches. PM me if you are looking for a specific type of place or price and I'll try to help.

4. For the next week you're looking at highs in the low 70's and lows in the high 30's.
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thank you sir. you are a scholar and a gentleman. i will be with some females so girlwatching is out. it looks like we'll be hitting up la encantada for sure. maybe drive back down to rawhide :rolleyes
highs in the low 70's

lows in the high 30's

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