Going to Towson

May 31, 2006
I am going to Towson this next weekend to visit my boy that plays football for Towson, man is Hakeem Moore for anyone on the team and I was wondering is it going to be poppin?
this next weekend

is anyone else confused by that????

anyway just hit up the bars...turtle, crease, rec room, cvp etc...always somethin goin on there on the weekends
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I doubt the university is "poppin" since school not in session u might see some people from the summer classes there. but if your old enough, try goin to downtown towson they got some nice bars.
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yea cvp is the only place thats been active although I was at the b lounge recenlty and there was a crowd
don't listen to anyone who posted before me.

Towson is dead over the summer. You're going to have to drive downtown into baltimore to have fun. The city has alot of bars and lounges and gentlemens clubs (word to Baltimore St).
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I never said any of the spots were as crowded as they are during school but some nights there are decent crowds......
coming from someone who frequents baltimore street :smh:
^no i dont have my VIP pass. Im just letting dude know what spots there are. Go into Canton or Federal Hill for a good time
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