Going to Vegas... Suggestions, Tips, Help

Joined Jan 7, 2006
Yo NT,

I'm planning a little pre-spring break trip for myself and Vegas is my choice. I just turned 21 so I have never been there before and all suggestions that Vegas veterans have for me is appreciated.

What I'm working with:
-I'm going for two nights
-I'm a college student so I would like to keep it cheap as possible without compromising too much quality
-I have a reasonable amount of money to drop
-Will be gambling and drinking
-I want to get a good experience from this considering it is my first time

So, i need nice affordable hotel suggestions, nice places to gamble, drink, and hang out.

Thanks NT!
Joined Aug 13, 2009
I can't believe I remember this, but aren't you the dude that goes/went to OU and won the lottery?
Joined Dec 24, 2007
You should use the search button.

Theres like a million LV threads that have a lot of useful information.
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