Grade School Size Jordan's Whats the deal

Jan 5, 2009
Ok NT, was wondering if you guys could help me out here. This seems to be a huge problem in regards to Jordans. I search all over the place looking for a 3.5yto purchase for my girl and eveyrwhere I go they tell me they only carry 3(ps) or 4y. Does any one know why this is, why do stores skip 3.5y? It sucks that mygirl has to miss out on some releases becasue we can't find them in her size. I know certian websites like eastbay, Footlocker, Footaction and finishlinecarry 3.5 at times but why does this happen, has this always been like this or is it new. I saw for exampl the Cinco De Mayo 1s smallest 4.5 is it that JBreleases certain kids sizes for a particular sneaker. I am truly ocnfused with this why the skip form a 3 to a four dont they know people wear 3.5 as well. NThelp me out here please.
most of the time the employees buy out the size they need first then whatever is left they sell. Sometimes they sell infants, mens, and not gradeschool orwomen, it is wierd. I am not really sure why that is but all they tell me is they never received their shipments for certain sizes.
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