hare 1's

Thanks for the info but these are
I noticed my DTLR had them again, and I will pass again.

The only I's I see myself buying are the grey/black
I copped mine through the eastbay backorder this past week. I like 1's, they last a long time.
Thanks, already got mine on RD tho. Everyone hates on em on NT but whenever i rock em i get plenty of compliments, i love em
Thx for the info everyone, been looking to get these for retail and not overpay on ebay, thx to you guys now I can.
Thanks for the info ... Im still in need of a size 12 ....
Originally Posted by pay jape

sneakers4u.com fsr

THanks , but there is NOT a FS anymore ... Sizes 9 9.5 11
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