Has the Zoom Flight 5 been Retroed in Original Colors???

Nov 10, 2004
I don't think the Zoom Flight Fives have ever been retroed in Original colors have they? I thought the only colors that retroed were these:


and these

I don't remember these two Original colors being retroed:



While I was looking for some on eBay, I ran accross a retro of the white/navy, and they look like NEW retroes:

Notice the Production date shows 11/14/06 and it has the new box tag. They are B-grades and the box top was cut off, so they must have been bought at an outlet store. Did I miss something and these released this year????
thats strange....maybe they were retroed outta da country and non of da NTers OT ever made a post on em...
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I might be wrong but i don't think the retroes of this shoe (besides nikeid) were released in the US
yea, i have the same question...flight 5's are one of my fav pair of kicks since i had a few pairs in elementary
i believe the white/navy were retroed a few years back, correct me if i am wrong but not the black royal...

the ones picture might be id's
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whats good with them black / royals? by any chance you think an og pair might hold up?

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I still rock my OG's - the quality is great and they hold up very well.
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I think all the retroes were only available overseas and the black/royal never retroed. I know the ones pictured are not IDs because you can't make the pod that color. I don't get why nike never released any retros in the States.
I wish they would retro these, I cant find a pair in my size....but I have a DS pair of black/royal in a 10.5 that I have been trying to get rid of .....even the box looks perfect!!!!
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how is the quality on the id's I was thinkin about making a pair but Im not sure about quality?
even though i don't have an OG pair to compare, i think the overall quality of the IDs is pretty good. I have 2 pairs and have balled in both many times and they have held up very well.

I had this colorway about 2 years ago when they came out in Taiwan.
However, I don't think they came in the box that was shown in this post.
They were on NikeID for a while, but for a pretty hefty price I believe.
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They did retro them. I remember the white/reds at the outlets no longer than 4 years ago. They had an 11 and a 12. I'm a 11.5 and did not buy them. Should have though.
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my theory is that these were being retroed and released overseas somewhere and the ones I found on ebay are b-grades. The person must have found them at an outlet.
i had those black one and i torn them up
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