Has your PS3 ever froze ?

Jul 12, 2007
NT, has your PS3 ever froze playing online or offline ? I asked a couple of people I know how has a PS3 and they all say they freeze up once and a while.
Once in a blue moon

Fallout 3 did it a couple times at the end for some reason
yeah, its no big thing though, rarely happens, its only happened during weird instancesthough like when im at the online loading screens for cod4/waw just before the match starts or when im at some online loading screen in killzone and on therare occasions that it does freeze, it seems like its only cause i brought up the in game xmb or the other menu screen

i just make sure to take the disc out and then turn it off, if i cant then ill hold the standby button for a couple seconds until it beeps a couple times andthen turns off, if that dont work then i just hit the power switch on the back, always works after start up - have never had a problem after it restarts in thesense that ive never had any ongoing problems
i havent played mine ina while, but when i used to it froze every once ina while and i had to restart it.
Once. Have had it since end of Dec. Also didn't play much for the first month, mainly used it for movies.
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