Have you ever lost a parent?

Dec 27, 2014
My father unfortunately passed on. Right now it feels like a void that won’t be filled any time soon. Thankfully he was surrounded my family and didn’t suffer. I know a couple NTers who lost a parent somewhat recently but I didn’t want to further hi jack their threads.

Have you ever had to bury a parent? What did you do to cope with the grief and sadness right away? I find I’ll be okay for several hours and then start reflecting and I’ll break down.

Any stories, advice, tips are welcomed if you feel comfortable broaching the topic.
Lost my pops January 2021. I think about him and how he raised me everyday.

Only thing that helped me get through the pain was to remind myself that he raised me well. He taught me how to get through anything. And knowing that upstairs he’s looking down proud seeing that I got through this as well.

The memories used to make me feel
Numb and want to curl up into a ball all day. Now the memories bring a smile to my face like “yep, THAT’s what made me who I am. I’m thankful. Love you dad 🙏

I’m sorry for your loss and I’m so glad that you and your family could be with him in the end.
When my mom dies she’ll take my smile and joy. Been prepping myself past 10 yrs to overcome it when it happens. No arguing with her just agreeing and smiling.

RIP to your pops. Take all the father lessons and pay it forward famb :nthat:
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Sorry for your loss breh. I can’t begin to understand how you’re feeling but I know feeling lost yourself is one of them.

I sometimes think about that worst. & this yr in particular has been type scary with my own health scares.

Found myself more concerned about their concerns for me than my actual dilemma. ****, broke down crying thinking what a mess I’d be.

In these times, family will get you through.
Sorry for your loss ,condolences to you and your fam.

I loss my mother when I was 7,hit me hard as a youngster,had to go grief counseling for a year ,made me act out and fight a lot.

All I can say is lean on those close to you,love and appreciate them the best you can.
Incredibly sorry to hear about this. I don’t really have a ton of advice other than to just let the emotions out and don’t worry about when/where you are when it’s happening. Stuff is going to pop in your head at random times. There’s no right or wrong way to handle it.

Shoot me a PM if you ever need.
sorry for your loss fam.
don't think the void of a parent can be filled. i don't think it's meant to either.

what you can do is give your father's life more meaning by continuing to live on especially with the good values he instilled in you. make him proud. honor him that way.
what would he want you to do?
how would he want you to live?

but take some time to mourn man. take as long as you need. it's important to make peace with it.
I'm so very sorry for your loss fam. I remember reading about your dad and my heart goes out to you and your family. Please know that NT is here for you. Happy to PM you if that's easier but my NT family helped me and we can help you too. As Methodical Management Methodical Management said don't look at it like your dad lost his fight to illness but know that he lived the best life he could and he would be very proud of the lives that you've touched on this message board. I lost mom a little over a year ago and the grief is real. Take your time to grieve is all that I can tell you. There is absolutely no way to take a short cut through grief. It takes time and don't let anyone tell you any different. The first days and months were hardest for me and I found myself crying most of the time. Crying was actually very therapeutic for me. I still have days where I miss mom but when I think about it I didn't want her living like she was just to he here for me.
Thank you for all of the feedback and support. I really do appreciate it. That’s the main thing that keeps me active on here. I’m going to try to respond to everyone individually for taking the time to offer me some words of support and advice.
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