HELP:Getting new ink done, Need spots.

Jul 11, 2006
I'm planning to get new ink but this one will be personal to me, I'm want to get a portrait of my Mom that passed in 04. Only thing is I did some research and I found many spots that does good portraits but I want the best, Basically "You get what you pay for" type a thing. I really wanted to get a tat by Kat Von D cause her portraits are off the hook but her rates start at a $1000. So if any of yall can help me out,post up spots in the Bay to LA that does good portraits. Thanks NT!
i got a few pics of my son done by this lady called "Kathryn Wronski Oil Paintings." they are really nice and people complement me and ask where i had the paintings done at when they see the paintings. her web site is the only draw back is that she lives in grass valley. if u want i can take pics of my paintings and i can send send them to you, to see how her painting look. lmk
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, i was @#%$ up when i read this. :lol:
go to the tatto expo today at cow palace
^ Damn, I hella want to go but today is my pops birthday. Is it only for today?
UZZle just save up your $ man & spend it at the best artist you can find. Tattoos are forever I'm not saying spend it at KVD's shop but find someone as good as her or better.
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Kat does nice work no doubt but her prices are rediculous. She can get away with it because there are plenty of iddiots that will get work done by her just to say they did. You're just paying for the name not the quality!!! You can get just as nice a job for half the price or less. A short list of people in the bay that I know of that do nice portrait work...

Adrian Lee... Works out of New Skool Tattoo's in San jose. I heard they are closing the shop down though so if you go to their site and like his work call the shop and see where he will be working out of when they close.

Grime at Primal Urge in SF does nice work although I've heard he has a really long waiting list... months long is what i heard...

Henry Lewis at Everlasting tattoos in SF does some nice portait stuff... there is a pic on their webpage of a guy he did that came out really nice...

Just do your research and take your time and don't it. you can find a top quality person you'll be happy with without spending a million dollars for it!!!!
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^ Thanks for your input bro, I'm not planning on getting it until March. So I got plenty of time to search and book in advance.

Does anyone know any places/artists in the bay the specialize in biomechanical? I've checked out a few places but wanted to know if anyone knew anyone specific.
Man i need some recommendation for just good black and white work. but it is still up in the air.

As corny and hype beast as this sounds ive been wanting to get the SF skyline and the only thing i have seen that i have liked is the huf skyline, but i want it like as if it was stitched on like a fitted. I was gunna get it on the upper portion of my forearm and have it wrap around.

any suggestion with that?
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^^^ I've been thinking about that for a while too but around my ankle. I want it to have color and the sun setting in the background. Only an idea and I'm not sure if I will ever do it though. I would want something different than the huf logo though. Why don't you take the design into a shop and just ask them to mess with it and get their own interpretation of it.
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