HELP! How much money to bring for Philippines Vacation?

Nov 9, 2001
sup everyone! i'm going to the pi at the end of this month for 2 weeks, i was wondering how much should i bring? i was advised from different people to bring as much as $1500 and as low as $500 depending on where you go. i'll be in manila for 2 weeks, perhaps other places like cebu and boracay. im not gonna shop as much people do, just hang out with family and some friends. i was planning to bring $1500 but i think that would be too much. so maybe $1000?

any help or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Boracay trip would cost around 13-30 PHP (depending on your choice of lodging and food)
I think you should bring the $1500 with you....if you really want to enjoy IMO


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spend $200 a day/night.. para sulit! lol

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$1,000 to $1,500 should be enough.
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$1500 might not be good enough just bring your credit card in case something came up...Hope this helps...
bring $1500...for contingencies and sudden urges.....if you know what i mean hehehehhehe


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my last trip i stayed somewhere in makati (rockwell, i think) for 2 weeks and went though around $1500.. but that was mainly because i was payin for all my relatives where ever we went (movies, eatin out, bars, etc.).. overall i had a great time and $1500 was just right to be living comfortably for 2 weeks
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looks like i'll be bringing 1k-1500. thanks again everyone!

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i went for 4 weeks last time and i spent 2000k not including the airfare. 600 dollars went to the condo i rented. so 1400 and it was good enough.
so yeah...
the last time i went in december, i didn't bring any cash...i just withdrew money from my account using my foriegn atm.

It was more convinient that way as i did not have to carry around cash to exchange and was able to withdraw whatever i needed.
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philippines here i come this saturday! i'm coming home!!!!

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for contingencies and sudden urges :wow:
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you don't need to bring much. 1500 is more then enough, but just bring all that just in case.
im sorry but i dont know how you guys survived with 1500 for 2 wks...2000 for 4 wks.....and living comfortably, you guys need to teach me something i dont know....not unless you guys went home and stayed home....then yeah that's more than enough..
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just got back from vacation, i must say it was FUN! all the yummy foods was on point, especially with the fish balls at UP lol..

the wifey met up with her friends at this club called the alchemy...real cool crowd

also went to glorietta, rockwell is real nice..mall of asia. went to at least 5 nike parks, nike stadium, and planet sports..bought some kobe shirts along the way

most importantly chilled with my family and the wifey's fam..havent been home in 15 years..i wanna go back!

thanks for all the help people!

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