HELP REPORT eBay Fake Listings!

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System does not work. I reported some fakes that had 7 days before auction closing... and they never canceled the auction. They were Clear Jordan VII's for crying out loud. Ebay is in business to make money not, to make Sneaker Heads happy. System is not good and will never be... as I run searches I still see 90 - 95% off all listings to be fake. Never going to change which is sad. Unless they put a real Sneaker Head in charge.
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I've never have seen somone state the auction was for fake shoes.
"Dont worry if it was meant to be it'll be soon"​
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Quote:[hr][/hr]It is illegal to sell knock offs and ebay clearly states that these are not allowed on their site. All fakes should be reported![hr][/hr]

To those that have stated that selling fakes would be ok as long as they label it on their auction, if ebay would allow that, then they would also allow burnt CDs, DVDs, and other types of media and other counterfeit items that are bootleg.
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man, only if this reporting thing was on a bigger scale and could actually make a difference. even at 10 listings a shot, theres still too many kicks listed to even make a dent in the fake population on eBay, imo. i applaud your efforts NT, good looking out!
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I report every fake size 14 on E Bay I see. I would say I report about 5 a day. The fake size 14's are just not as common yet as other sizes. I have been doing this for weeks now, and they have removed all but 1 that I told them about. I love getting those people busted selling them.
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What do you do if there is a seller that sells fakes and claims there real but the shoes are always fake?
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I just reported 10 fake Jordans. I'll report at least 10 every day.

I targeted listings that people had bid on, in hopes that it might save buyers from accidentally buying fakes.
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"what i means is rich people getting rich and poor people getting poor."

Euh the thing about selling fakes, is that these people want to earn money with shoes that probably are even cheaper then 40 USD, but letting people believe they are paying for the real deal..a lot of fakes sell for 100 usd

so, the fakeselelrs are getting rciher and the poor people have bad shoes for 80 - 100 usd

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Yup...i catch myself more and more hanging around on the nike retro forum..why would that be?​
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"so, the fakeselelrs are getting rciher and the poor people have bad shoes for 80 - 100 usd"
i don't mean to support fakes. I just want people have second thought about children that can't affort $150 to buy a pair of shoes. 100 people report fake listing to ebay but they won't gone if 10 people buy shoes from them. I think if people affort to buy a pair of authentic jordan, they
won't willing to buy fakes. Let see if a pair of jordan is selling at $80, would you guys willing to buy fakes at $60? According to my knowledge, selling at $80 retail price, nike still have about 200% profit margin.

Use your brain here, think differently!
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I think you re right on the fact that JB is making hugh profits, in selling their shoes at 130 (and up) USD

and if they lower their prices just a little bit, i wodnt be that profitable for fake sellers to sell their shoes

JB: Its better to burn out then to fade away
Yup...i catch myself more and more hanging around on the nike retro forum..why would that be?​
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I thought this might be the best place to ask this, but does NT have a thread that keeps track of legit and fake eBay sellers?

Yesterday I received some FAKE Air Force 1s from eBay seller anthonyr6268.

Here's the Legit Check I did on them, with pics:

Here was the listing, no way to tell from the pics there(unless someone else sees something I did not), but I had some XX2s from him that checked out ok(thread on this board), and his feedback looked fine.

Also, the guys shipping is a complete joke. As you can see from the legit check thread, he labeled the freakin shoe box!
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Quote:[hr][/hr]it's because air jordan collection is selling like USD 150 retail price and it may only cost no more than USD 40 for production. All the money goes to the pocket of Phil Knight and LBJ.[hr][/hr]

Fake sellers are also ripping off poor kids in the streets. You think those bootleg sellers in NY or LA are going to sell a pair of fakes to a kid for a ridiculously low amount? Narh, they probably scratch $20 of the retail tag and sell it to desperate/ ignorant kids. These guys are very shady and pushy too... kids are going to have to watch out when dealing with them. In relation to ebay fakes, mom and pops out there running a legit business are losing out to these spineless fakers. Sneaker collectors get paranoid and potential enthusiast just steer clear after getting burnt once or twice.

Producers loose, business owners loose, workers loose, buyers loose and sneaker heads loose.
Dodgy shady bootleg producers in Asia wins, guy with shades and open boot in the parks selling fakes wins and little hypebeast on ebay selling bright green AJ1s win.

Quote:[hr][/hr]When i sell fakes, i dont say they are authentic[hr][/hr]

Dude doesn't belong in NT.
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I'm definitely going to report some, I'm tired of these dirty hustlers trying to hustle me. telling me @#%$ is authentic when it turns out to be fake. I hope they burn in hell. I could careless who it makes richer or poorer, I buy from ebay. Last thing I want is some fakes that hurt my feet.
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but wouldn't reporting them basically be a waste of time? All they going to do is put up more sneakers and if they get suspended from ebay they can create another account.
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If i get a pair of shoes come through and they are fake,is it best to contact the seller first for money back or report it straight away?

Think i have some jordan 3's i won and dunno what to do ;-[
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all reported... Lets see what happens... I figure it takes about 24 hours so I only reported auctions that have more than 4 days left.

This thread is stupid

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